Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Toiling on a Tuesday

Tuesday, 24 May, 2016:

The morning turned into a humdrum work day as I had game video to breakdown in a slow manner thanks to my internet connection going out for about two hours.

Not to be deterred, I turned my attention to doing laundry, vacuuming Icelandia II, buying groceries at the local Lidl grocery store and doing some crossword puzzles that Laurie recently sent me.

In the afternoon, I had yet another one hour class, this time with eight and nine year olds from Väsby Skolan, to teach these students the rudiments of the great game of American football.

We were indoors today

Way in the background is Janne who is Aiki Parts hilarious partner. He works at Väsby Skolan and was of incredible help today.

As someone once told me, working with kids this age is a bit like trying to nail Jello to a wall. Janne's presence made the job a pleasure with a group of really good kids.

The little girl dropping the pass
is an awesome child!

So is Olivia, to her right, who caught the first three passes at the start of our touch football game to end our hour together.

The gym had crash pads
so we tackled

The kids loved doing this close order mini-contact drill as they discovered that tackling can be fun!

What a GREAT group!!!

They were probably the best overall group that I have worked with over the last two or three weeks of these school visits.

In the evening we had a solid U13 workout focusing in on blocking and how to defeat a block.

Today was a quiet but great day for American football!

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