Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Rainy Spring Day in Upplands Väsby

Thursday, 26 May, 2016:

It drizzled all day and I had a rare free morning and afternoon to myself as I had no school visits on the agenda, only three overlapping Wäsby Warriors practices with, in order, our U11, U13 and U15 squads.

What to do?

The first order of business was to finish breaking down scrimmage videos from the last two weekends before heading over to Thomas Kök & Catering for Thursday all-you-can-eat pancake day.

The pancakes today were much thicker than the usual Swedish pancakes and are called Tjock Pan Kaka. Same delicious taste made for a great lunch.

 Our Sports Bar near the
Upplands Väsby train station

This is the spot where I had dinner last night with Aiki and Lotta.

So what did I decide to do?

Why board a train headed to the . . .

. . . Stockkholm suburb of Solna . . .

. . . near the home arena of the
AIK fotboll team to do . . .
. . . some SHOPPING!!!

This is a state-of-the-art shopping
mall with three stories worth
of great stores and restaurants

Not sure what was so unexpected about that?

The Evil Empire

No Fika Time for me at one of these, I support our local merchants.

When I entered the Mall of Scandinavia I was greeted by . . .

LEGOS . . .

. . . lots and . . .

. . . lots and . . .

. . . lots and . . .

. . . lots and . . .

. . . lots of LEGOS

Even a cool LEGO . . .

 . . . high performance . . .

. . . Porsche

LEGO play areas were everywhere
for kids of all ages to create things

I mean there were lots of these

Big Swedish Sports Bar Chain

O'Learys is Boston oriented

This sports bar fills up most of the side closest to Friends Arena, so I bet it is rocking on AIK fotboll game days.

Tesla for sale not made of Legos

Wild design for a bench
to sit on and relax

I bought only one thing and that was a small, inexpensive Phillips head screwdriver that I needed for Icelandia II.

 Today's drizzle was good for the foliage

Decent turnout for the U11s

I helped the U11s for about 35 minutes but did not get much of a chance to help the U13s tonight.

End of a soggy U15 practice

We made some significant progress today.

For the second time since arriving in Sweden, I am being forced out of Icelandia II for a few days. It seems that a water pipe broke in the conference center next to my abode last week.

There was no damage to Icelandia II but workers are going to have to go through my bathroom wall to get to the problem.

Thus, with more than a little help from my Warriors friends, I am off on a bus, train and ferry boat ride for a three day weekend in . . .

. . . the exotic city of Visby on the
Swedish island of Gotland

This should be quite an adventure for me while the the work is done at Icelandia II.

Stay tuned . . .


Unknown said...

Gotland is fantastic. I love that island. We have a summerhouse a couple of miles north of Visby. We spend 2 weeks every summer there. You´re in for a treat!

Try the pancakes at:

You also have a great ice cream place down in the harbour:

If you have time, travel north to "Lummelunda caves" and have a lunch at "Krusmynta gården"

Spend a day or two just strolling on the streets of Visby. The botanical garden, the ruins etc....

Have a great trip!

Johan, coach U11

George said...

Thanks Johan! I tried the Daim ice cream at Glass Magasinet . . . WOW!!!!!