Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday, 15 May, 2016:

I awoke to another raw and rainy day, so there was only one thing to do, take the train and see a new museum in Stockholm.

My choice was the small but interesting Medeltidsmuseet or, in English, The Museum of Medieval Stockholm.

This museum is at the site where in the late 1970s workers preparing to build a carpark just a few meters in front of the Swedish Parliament Building unearthed foundations from the 1530s.

As I exited the Gamla Stan metro stop, I stumbled upon a church.

Imagine that!

The Riddarholmskyrkan

Built by Franciscan monks in the late 13th century, it has been the Royal necropolis since the burial of Magnus Ladulås in 1290.

It also houses several coats of arms of members of the Seraphim Order of Knights.

It is an interesting church and I'm glad that I made the unscheduled stop. 

The first tomb that I encountered

Raiders Fan

Lots of GREAT Coats of Arms


A Medical Man with
mean looking snakes

Two dashing fellows

Bees and Horns
Why not?

This one was OLD

1654 Burial Chapel of
Field Marshall Gustaf Adolf

 Tombs of two Kings
Karl Knutsson Bonde (nearest)
Magnus Ladulås

The Burial Crypt of one of
Sweden's Greatest Kings

Sarcophagi of Carolinian Kings

 Karl XIV Johan's sarcophagus
Desidria was his Consort

 I like the blue highlights

 Interesting Symbol

Back on track again, I proceeded to stroll towards the Museum of Medieval Stockholm. Beautiful architecture marked the way.

 Nice Building

 I Like It

Close Up of the last building's
Statue Standing Guard

Courtyard of a round building

Lions are always a good choice

 The Swedish Parliament Building
The Riksdagshuset

 BOHEMIAN in Stockholm

A Rune Stone
to start my Museum visit

Part of the old city wall c.1530
discovered in the late 1970s

 Swedish Cavalry

St. George slaying a . . .

. . . a mean looking dragon

Does Mary need new shoes?

Part of the 1520s ship Riddarsholm

"Coach, my hand hurts.
What do you think we should do?"

It was a good museum experience.

One of Gamla Stans many
charming lanes

It was time to re-board the train and head back to Upplands Väsby.

"Dragon loose in Upplands Väsby!
Film at 11"

In the evening, I was invited to dine at the home of Lotta Douhan with her son Jesper.

Jesper and Lotta yesterday
after the Arlanda Jets U17 game
Chocolate Mud Cake

Delicious salmon with a secret sauce to die for followed by this cake that Jesper made. Add some thick whip cream and jam to the cake and we were all transported to a Culinary Valhalla!

As usual, the food was good but the conversation and friendship were better.


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