Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Day of Domesticity

Thursday, 12 May, 2016:

Most of my day was taken up with doing laundry and the weekly cleaning of Icelandia II.

Of course, I had to take a lunch break so I headed towards Thomas Kök & Catering for the first time on a Thursday, the nation's traditional day to eat Swedish pancakes for lunch.

It was all you can eat, so I did. 

I stopped at the Pressbyrån
on my way to lunch

This is a 7-11 like chain that are located next to most train stations in Sweden. 

If you are a Senior Citizen, which I am, this cup of coffee is only ten Swedish Krona or about 60 cents USD.

Boulders everywhere I walk

Perfect for an old Viking to have carved into a rune stone back in the day.

Swedish Pancakes
with thick whip cream and
lingonberry jam

I only had two heaping plates which was a major dietary victory for my culinary soul given how good these tasted.

Upplands Väsby Crest

Next to the Upplands Väsby Library
proof that ancient aliens visited

Our local Library is a
Welcoming Place

More signs of Spring

In the evening it was back to work as all three teams, U11, U13 and U15 had practices.

U13 with a Miracle Catch

A U13 having troubles
tracking the ball

 U15 Tackling Drill

Stalk Blocking Drill

The U15 practice lacked focus

Time to get their attention
and refocus

Thanks to Bengt Granlund for the U15 practice photos.

This was the worst practice that our U15s have had since I arrived over two weeks ago. I am quite worried as we have another scrimmage against what I am told is a very good Tyresö Broncos club.

I have a 100% free day tomorrow, Friday, from any Warriors and/or any other American football related activities. This is my first day off since Wednesday of last week.

I have been kept busy, but now it is time for a ROAD TRIP! 

Just a few miles North of Upplands Väsby is the city of Sigtuna which is believed to be the oldest surviving town in Sweden having been founded in 980 A.D.

Sounds like just the place for me tomorrow!

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