Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Photos From Last Sunday's U15 Football Scrimmages

TACK SÅ MYCKET to photographer Fredrik Norling for taking all of these great pictures, plus many more, from our two scrimmages this past Sunday.

Arlanda Jets Scrimmage

 Yes, #54 is our stud RB

 Pressuring the Jets QB

GREAT Interception!!!

Get there!

That's a colorful outfit, Coach.

 Bombs Away

#54 at it again

 #34 ran well too

 Decent pass protection

Sollentuna Stars Scrimmage

Pursuing a BIG fan of the
local band Europe

We need to block
these two guys . . .

. . . unless you have the
speed to turn the corner

Perfect Shoulder Tackle

Outside Again

Good Pass Protection

I would like to see #75 in a more balanced position.

Get through the hole and . . .

. . . TAKE OFF!!!

Go Warriors GO!!!

THANK YOU Fredrik Norling!!!

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