Monday, May 9, 2016

After a LONG Four Day Work Weekend, a Quiet Monday

Monday, 9 May, 2016:

Today gave me a lot of time to unwind after four days of American football practice in the hot Swedish Spring Sun.

It was over 80°F and the last thing that I wanted was more human outdoor roasting.

So, after, puttering around Icelandia II, it was off to the Thomas Kök & Catering restaurant for an early lunch on the house. This is a huge perk of this job for me. The food is delicious, the menu varies daily and, in theory, it is all you can eat.

I say "in theory" because the nice young lady that serves up the meals makes my first plate so big that I have yet to go back for seconds. I'd like to believe that this coming Thursday, which is traditionally Pancake Day in Sweden, I will be back for seconds more than once.

At 2:10 p.m., I was scheduled to visit the Södervikskolan which is a school that invited me to introduce American football to two of their Physical Education classes. Each session was to last about 45 minutes and I was excited to meet these kids who would mostly be 13 years old. The Warriors' center, Max, was in the first class I was to work with today so he was instantly promoted to be my Assistant Head Coach.

Just outside of the school
near their bus stop

Pia and Linda

Linda may have gotten a little too much Sun this weekend.

These two lovely Swedish ladies were my contact people at the Södervikskolan and were quite helpful.

Then the wheels started to come off.

First, I was told that the second class was not going to meet with me today because they were going to the local golf range instead with their teacher.

I wished I could join them.

Undaunted, I met with the first class. We had about 20 boys and girls including Asst. HC Max ready to roll except for one minor problem. No one from the Warriors had delivered the footballs, blocking shields, helmets and shoulder pads needed to conduct our session.

Thus, we opted, after a quick talk with them about why they should investigate the game of American football in order to better understand American culture, to call it a day. Unlike U.S. schools in this situation, the students were allowed to go home early.

In return for our gaffe, I promised Pia and Linda to return at 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday when the Södervikskolan will hold a pre-school practice to prepare for an American football game versus another school in about three weeks. I am also scheduled to meet with two more of their P.E. classes that same afternoon.

Rust never rests . . .

From 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., we met with the U15 team at the community center to review videos of all three scrimmages from the past two weekends. It was productive and, yes, we are getting better every day!

Tomorrow morning, I am heading back into Stockholm to the Djurgården district to visit Skansen, an outdoor open-air museum that gives visitors a view into how Swedes lived once upon a time. It should be fun.

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