Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Sunday Amerikansk Fotball Scrimmage in Solna

Sunday, 8 May, 2016:

First and foremost . . .


Also of great importance, thank you to Bengt Granlund for being such a gracious host to me the last two nights.

Icelandia II, where I live in Upplands Väsby, is a modest apartment attached to a small conference center. Before the team was able to rent this fine flat for me, it had already been rented out for this weekend. Thus, Friday morning I was packed and ready to move out for two nights.

I could not have asked for a better host than Bengt during this minor crisis!

Now, back to American football . . .

Our U15 Team had a scrimmage today

And you know what? 
It was a BEAUTIFUL day for American football!!!

We would play at the home of the
Solna Chiefs about 20 minutes
South of Upplands Väsby

This is the path next
to Solna's stadium

About 20 yards to the right of
the above path you find this!

A two lane track

Mano-a-mano races, I LIKE IT!

Warriors warming up

Head Coach Thomas Andersson
organizing the troops

We had had a tremendous week of practice, now we needed to show solid improvement over what we had done last Sunday in our two scrimmages against Arlanda and Sollentuna in order to validate all of the hot, hard work.

Warriors U15 Kicking Off

We really covered our kickoffs well with great hustle!

 Warriors Offense TD scoring play

We played with much more
passion on Defense today
Veer Option

Offensive Line stances are improving

Run, Run, Run, Run

While we are indeed a run first team, our passing game was much improved today.

Nice setting for American football

Swedish Traditions

We played really, really well today. All of our hard work this week paid off.

We still have a long way to go, but if we get another week better each week, who knows how good our U15s can become!

After the scrimmage, it was time to return home to Icelandia II and do some laundry.

Home, Sweet Home!


Michael said...

Warrior Pride! Keep working hard. O Line stances looked much better.

George said...

Gracias Mike!