Monday, May 2, 2016

Further Exploration of Upplands Väsby and a U11 Tryout Camp

Monday, 2 May, 2016:

It was a wonderful Spring day in the greater Stockholm area, a perfect day for a walk in the woods and some local exploration.

The woods near Icelandia II
were lush

Flowers were blooming everywhere

Nice House

Nicer Couple
Out for a Stroll

 Channeling my inner
David Lassen

 My favorite Swedish
soccer team is in Finja

A great family that we know calls Ninja home as well.

Lunch Time

 My complimentary lunch is
found right here

Thomas and Suzan Takman own this restaurant/catering service and have two boys playing on our U13 and U15 teams.

Located in an industrial park, it does not look like much from the outside but the inside is clean, bright and cheerful. More importantly, their food was AMAZING and it is an all-you-can-eat affair.

I had a little trouble communicating about the free lunch arrangement to the lady serving the food so she called for some help from the kitchen but again we had communication problems until one of the two reinforcements spoke to the other one and I detected a dialect that I recognized.

I asked, "Hablan Español?" and BINGO we were now communicating fluently as our new helpers both hailed from Chile.

What a meal! I can partake of this establishment for lunch every Monday through Friday.

Fully sated, it was back to exploring for me.

 Cool Logo

The Hembygdsgården

It appeared to be a small park filled with traditional Swedish homes.

It was nice


 Back to the Train Station

Upplands Väsby Skyline

Spring . . .

. . . has . . .

. . . SPRUNG!!!

No I didn't!

Faceless in Upplands Väsby

Wäsby Warriors U11 Tryouts

Tonight we held the first of two tryout sessions trying to add more players to our U11 teams.

At this level, fun is by far our #1 goal. Our U11s play in a local league and will be further divided into three teams for competition, participation and roster size growth purposes.

Our three U11 teams are called the Packers, Vikings and Steelers.

I didn't see a Steelers helmet

 Lots of good equipment

A big part of tonight's tryout was getting the kids to wear a helmet, shoulder pads and a jersey for the first time.

It made Minion Gladiators of them all.

No Packer jerseys

They had fun with the field equipment

This youngster has a knack
carrying a football

Throwing and Catching
were foreign concepts

Head Coach Thomas Andersson
getting things organized

The kids LOVED tackling a big bag

Viking learning the hit position

Fun With Bags

Here is a sample of the above drill

We have an vastly expanded
Neutral Zone in Sweden 


Vikings Defense

Shades of Minnesota's Purple People Eaters from the 1970s.

 Team Action Video

Pow Wow

Ending the 90 minute session
with some Touch Football

Thomas Andersson organizing
the Touch Football game

 Getting to the edge!

Afterwards, Thomas talked with
the parents

Overall, I believe that the kids did have a good time and hopefully many will pursue American football, if not this upcoming season, sometime soon in the future.

We will hold a second 90 minute tryout tomorrow night. We drew 14 new kids tonight, lets see what Tuesday evening brings.

Aiki Parts and Lotta Douhan

These ladies are two of the key people who help make the Wäsby Warriors such a first class organization.

Needless to say, they have been great to me in getting me adjusted to life in Sweden.

Aiki and Lotta!!!

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