Saturday, April 30, 2016

Two Day American Football Camp Began Today

Saturday, 30 April, 2016:

Our Wäsby Warriors U15 team made the 20 minute drive North to the city of Märsta for a two-day American football camp where we would be joined by two other U15 clubs, the Arlanda Jets and the Sollentuna Stars. Märsta's multi-field complex is the home of the Arlanda Jets.

The Camp site has Artificial Turf

The field was good and the sun was shining, what a BEAUTIFUL day for American football!

 The old scoreboard has seen better days

This field is no longer the Jets game field, practice only now.

 The Wäsby Warriors were in the house

Make shift numbers on
one of our best players

The Arlanda coach laying
some ground rules

The Sollentuna Stars are in blue while the Arlanda Jets are in the black and orange.

 Arlanda Jets warming up in a
blue Jimmy Clausen jersey

Even in fashion conscious Sweden, there is sometimes no accounting for taste.

We had an excellent fundamentals period in the morning.

During the morning break, many of us ambled over to a neighboring field which is now Arlanda's new game field to watch the Jets' powerhouse women's team in action.

The Armada Jets women in Orange
The Västerås Roedeers

Women Game Action

It was no contest, the Jets rolled to an easy victory.

 Brian's Song

 Political Incorrect perhaps,

Our team executive, Lotta Douhan, gave me a bunch of little Swedish chocolates to sustain me throughout the day. They were GREAT!!!

 Warriors getting ready for the
Camp's afternoon session

Love the signs with all the umlauts 

 Inside Run

Sollentuna in white in the afternoon

The afternoon session featured 7-on-7, Inside Run and Team Work periods.

During the afternoon break, it was back to Arlanda's game field to watch the Jets U17 boys team take on the Stockholm Mean Machine.

Yes, like in the "Longest Yard" movie.

This game would be of great interest to the Warrior players because our program tops out with the U15 club. After maxing out their eligibility with the Wäsby team, our players move on to play on the Jets U17 team.

Several of our players had brothers playing for Arlanda, all had friends in Orange and Black today.

Arlanda U17s in Orange,
Mean Machine U17s in Blue

Tied at the half, the Mean Machine scored two unanswered TDs after the intermission to win the game.

U17 Boys Action

Ever wonder what Oscar Gamble
would look like in referee garb?

The evening session was 100% devoted to special teams play. This is a brand new concept for many of our players as there is no Kicking Game of any type in Sweden at the U13 and U11 levels.

Grillin' Dogs after a Long Day

Thanks to the Jets for feeding all of the players with tasty and plentiful hot dogs.

I even had one.

Or four.

Michael Contreras would
LOVE this Jets Dad!

Night of the
Walpurgis (Valborg) Bonfires

These bonfires are a once-a-year tradition in Sweden and tonight was the night. This one was close to today's practice facility and was as close as I got to a bonfire tonight.

We go back at it at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow with scrimmages against the two other clubs being the highlight of the weekend.

Stay tuned . . .


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