Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thoughts of Far Away

For some crazy reason as I watched the Sant' Agata Parade today and then walked down Via Umberto, my mind wandered to thoughts of home.

Why did this box in a store window make me think of Andy and Jenn?

I saw this football player statue in Gregorio's bedroom and thought of Vanessa for some strange reason.

A Panda and Spiderman...
oddly they made me think of our two boys, Andy and Mike

Who is the World's Biggest Tweety Bird Fan?
Why none other than one Laurie Contreras, that's who!

It is funny how your mind can associate things with the people you care about.

Never did see a travel poster to Dubai...


Vanessa said...

So odd that Mickey would remind you of

Andrew said...

We are all here reading your latest entries (Mom, Jenn, and I) and we are trying to send you a trans-Atlantic hug. We all miss you and know you wish you were here but we will see you in a week!

Koreen said...

Dubai---it could be an adventure. I hear they have a golf course or two.