Friday, February 13, 2009

A Day in Roma Part II

We continue to talk Roma while battling the Mexican internet!

The Thigh of Man Leaning on a Staff

I know, I know... no smart remarks please.

The Discus Thrower

I actually posed for this at the scene of the ancient Greek Olympics on our cruise of the Greek Isles a few summers ago.  It came out nice don't you think?

How did they do this man's clothing???

Sarcophagus Carving... AMAZING AGAIN!!!

Elephant's Owner, Davide Giuliano, instructing a Rookie Linebacker.

They also had some fine mosaics.

This reminds me, I haven't seen Laurie in three weeks!

"What do you mean I got another ticket in Florence?"

They also had some nice jewelry for the ladies.

That's going to leave a mark!

After leaving the Museum I started yet another walking tour of the Eternal City.

I liked the final verbal warning as you enter this church partially constructed by Michelangelo.

On Piazza Navona

The Four Rivers Fountain, Piazza Navona.

Trevi Fountain


Looking down on the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti.

Possible Elephant Coaching Shoes

Trajan's Column.

Outside the Pantheon

The Pantheon still has a huge hole in it's dome called the Occulus.

When it rains like it did today the inside of the Pantheon gets wet too.

Vittorio Emmanuelle Monument

The Colosseo

So ends another day in a VERY fascinating city.


J TWICE said...

George -- You are upping your "REFRECTION" photography ratio.. I love it!!!

Glad the trip to Mexico was great... and please remember to use my favorite Johnny Depp quote while you are down there:

"Are you a MexiCAN or a MexiCAN'T?"


George said...

CAN do