Sunday, February 8, 2009

Orienteering Paul Around Town

I spent most of Sunday afternoon walking Paul through the villages of Aci Trezza and Aci Castello so that he could acquaint himself with the lay of the land.

This statue of Jesus guards the entrance to Aci Trezza's harbor.


Paul posing by a traditional Sicilian fishing boat that now serves as a taxi in the summer to ferry visitors out to the small islands in the bay.  Paul's father was a fisherman by trade himself in San Pedro, California.

Paul Petrich Jr. in the Summer of 1964

Here is a shot of Paul working on a commercial albacore tuna "Jack Poling" fishing boat.  The day this picture was taken they hauled in three tons of tuna!  So Paul can definitely identify with the local fishermen and their fishing fleet.

By the way, Paul is still using the same sunglasses you see in this picture today.

Is this safe?

How about this one?

The high-tech Aci Trezza dry docking system used to repair large boats.

Paul discovers the wonderful world
of the Fiat Cinquecento.

The three rocks that give Aci Trezza it's name.

Paul at the Norman Castle in Aci Castello.

Lunch at Al Tubo's Place

Here Paul discovers all-you-can-eat Antipasto Misto, Sicilian ristoranti are now officially in trouble!


claud said...

some more infos you might wanna know-but it's weird to me you don't know it already-about those 3 rocks.

they are called FARAGLIONI and they are the three rocks the cycolp threw at Ulysses when he fooled him by escaping from the monster's cave.

I'm pretty sure i already told you this story!

George said...

I LOVE this island and it's mythology!!!

Grazie a lei