Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Italian Electrical System

The approach to electricity here is quite different than in the U.S.  In America we have two pronged plugs or the same two prongs with a third grounding prong, that's it, finito.

Only a small part of the issue.

In Italy electric plugs are in their Renaissance phase with the prong system quickly becoming a free-form artistic style unto itself.

Above note the top two three prong set-ups.  Note that on the left, the three prongs are much wider and thicker than the three on the right.  Of course, they are not interchangeable.

The black cord below is a two prong, narrow gauge, thick pronged model.  The two pronged models also come in narrow gauge, thin and in wide gauge, thick and thin.

What does this all mean?  Simply that it is hard to find the right plug to fit into the right wall socket making the search for electrical power akin to the search for potential oil fields offshore California.  It is possible to find this energy source but not without a great deal of work.

Travel Updates

Our QB, Luke Tracy, is due in Wednesday night from California.  He is coming by way of Rome so he should have no trouble getting into Catania.

As for our defensive line coach, Paul Petrich Jr., he is still trying to ride out the worst snowstorm to hit London in two decades according to the London Times.  The mayor of London said that this storm did what the Nazis failed to do in World War II, i.e., shut down the entire public transportation system of the city.  It looks like Paul, who was due in on Monday, won't get into Catania until Friday night.


Laurie said...

Speaking of electricity, have you found my hairdryer?

How many adapters should I bring this time?

George said...

No on the hair dryer. Bring 3 or 4 adapters.

itzbfitz said...

Hey Laurie, I can just see the quizzical Sicilian looks the bald guy will get when he's buying your hair dryer. That is, unless he has his shirt off.

DPLassen said...

So what's the over and under on the number of days Paul's luggage will need to catch up with him?

And Laurie, you might only need one adapter if you can find the right one:

George said...

Funny Fitz.

Paul is O.K. on his luggage since he landed in Cardiff, Wales and not the Black Hole that is Heathrow's Terminal 5.