Friday, February 13, 2009

Mt. Etna Exploration and the Arrival of Jason and Christie

I've been away from the internet for a few days due to my travels from Catania to Rome to Playa del Carmen for Andy and Jenn's seaside wedding on Saturday, February 14, 2009... Valentine's Day!

This post will deal solely with what happened on Tuesday, the day before I started my trans-Atlantic journey.

The morning saw me gat my first haircut from Giogio the Aci Castello barber I used all last season.  Last year a haircut and beard trim cost 10 Euros, of course no prices are posted.  This season my first visit cost only 5 Euros!  As with all things Sicilian, life is on a sliding scale or maybe it is the economic downturn... "No lo so?"

The afternoon continued Paul's travels around the greater Catania megalopolis with a trip up the Mt. Etna Sud road towards the village of Nicolosi.

Mt. Etna in all her winter glory.

A Trotter or a Pacer?

When you leave downtown Catania and it's insane traffic patterns, you will often see these horses working out.  I've been told that at night, on quiet streets rigs like these meet for the equivalent of "Sicilian Drag Racing", I hope I can be privy to one of these clandestine meetings this year.

A rather unique tower in one of Mt. Etna's many small towns.

In the evening, Jason Johnson and Christie Chorley, my roommates last season arrived in Catania for a week to visit all of our friends before they start their football season playing in Innsbruck in the Austrian League for the defending Euro Bowl Champion Raiders.

Christie and Jason back at Malibu with Gregorio Barbagallo

Night time in front of the "New and Improved Dorm" in Aci Trezza

This again is the view on the balcony where Luke, Larry and soon Taber live.  In the summer the empty street you see will be wall-to-wall people enjoying La Dolce Vita.

With our main man Gustavo Bonanno

Dinner at Pizzeria Ciclopi in Aci Trezza with the "Usual Suspects" yet again.

Shockingly, Valerie, here with Peppe was a little late to the meal.

Is Roberta smiling again for fans in America?

I had to fly out to Cancun the next morning so I won't see Jason and Christie again until Laurie and I go up the Austria to visit them during our first Bye week.  I must admit that I really feed off their energy and miss them at Malibu greatly.

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