Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Day at the Doctor's Office

Before leaving America to come to Catania to coach the Elephant's defensive line, Paul Petrich Jr. decided to go swimming in a Santa Barbara, California area pool.  Unfortunately while jumping into the pool he cracked his elbow into the cement edge of the pool thus creating... 


The net result was that three weeks later he had a rather large build up of fluid in his elbow as you can see.  What to do?

Easy, make an appointment for Paul to see our team physician, Dr. Angelo di Giunta who was also one of the original Elephants a quarter of a century ago.

So Drain It He Did!

Right before my very eyes, Angelo stuck this needle into Paul's engorged elbow and proceeded to suction out all the liquid you see in this tasteful medical school textbook picture.

Why is it that I suddenly craved some blood orange juice???

Forbidden Hospital Fruit

Paul was sorely tempted after his medical procedure to take a raste from this forbidden fruit tree on the hospital's grounds.  I, of course, tried to point out the significance of the skull and crossbones in any and all eating situations.

David going over tonight's offensive plan with Luke, Taber and Larry.

Cold, damp weather kept our turnout to a season low of about 23 players.  Still, we accomplished a lot at the individual technique level.

I really like the bright future that rookie linebacker, Cristoforo Grasso, has in store for himself.  With time, coaching and experience, he has the chance to be a VERY special player over the next decade.


Brianda Jimenez said...

Wow Mr. COntreras .... The adventures that you are having .... Well I think I might study abroad next year Italy... this give me more motivation :)

George said...

It would be a GREAT opportunity for you. Our assistant coach, Denver Wade is a student at Wabash College in the mid-West who is studying here for a semester through Duke University and having a great time.