Monday, February 2, 2009

Paul Petrich Jr.'s Arrival Stalled Over the British Isles

Paul Petrich Jr.

Seen here at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to watch his alma mater, the San Pedro H.S. Pirates (12-1) battle the Narbonne H.S. Gauchos (12-1) for the 2008 Los Angeles City Football Championship last December.

Paul's Pirates pulled off a miraculous 55 yard drive with 27 seconds remaining in the game.  With one second left in the game and the ball now resting on the Gaucho's 15 yard line, the Pirates "won" the game 21-21 on a diving TD catch in the end zone.  No tie breaker, so the two schools were declared Los Angeles City Co-Champions.

Paul was supposed to arrive in Catania tonight to start coaching our defensive linemen but severe winter weather has struck London.  As a result his plane had to land in Cardiff, Wales about 130 miles from London.  British Air transported him by bus to London but his connecting flight to Catania was either long gone or cancelled due to the weather, I'm not sure which.

The next scheduled flight on British Air to Catania is on Wednesday and he is on a standby list for it.  If he can't get on that flight then he is confirmed for the Friday flight.

Unfortunately, his cell phone is not working properly so we are reduced to communicating by e-mail when he can get to an internet cafe.

Fortunately Paul is a VERY seasoned European traveler so I'm sure he will get through this dilemma.

The saga continues...

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