Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Final Thoughts from Mexico

Sunday and Monday in Mexico after the wedding were days for family, friends and some reflections.

The beach at nearby Playa del Carmen with the Isle of Cozumel in the distance.

Koreen and Laurie shopping for silver jewelry in Playa del Carmen.

These two moved another step closer on Sunday to their goal of cornering the world's silver market.

No, amazingly, I didn't have any of the juice of the agave plant during the festivities.

Mike is colorful young man.

I'm thinking about not going back to Catania in order to start my career in "Lucha Libre".

Who wouldn't stay in an ivy covered hotel in Mexico? 

The Contreras boys in front of the Cuban restaurant and bar,
"La Bodeguita del Medio", in Playa del Carmen.

The original one is in Old Habana and Ernest Hemingway said it was where he went to get his mojito.

Ernest is INDEED correct, this mojito deserves it's reputation!

The kids at La Bodeguita del Medio for lunch.

To the left is a portrait of Benny More, a noted Cuban musician.

Osvaldo is the Bodeguita's Havana native manager and a good guy.

He informed me that they now have a "Bodeguita del Medio" in Milan, Italy.  I am going to have to take Laurie and Maria Clara, my cousin who lives there along with her husband and daughter, to eat there when we play in Milan at the end of the season.

Two playful iguanas at the Sandos Caracol Resort. 

Our favorite swim-up bar.

Here the Contreras boys test out the latest High-Tech raft used to cross the Straights of Florida from Cuba to freedom.

It has been named the "Official Raft of Alpha 66", a VERY right wing anti-Castro Cuban immigrant group from Florida.

Koreen and Laurie enjoying some pool time.

Koreen looking Aussie-ish. 

Brian and Koreen at the Iguana Bar.

When does the Jimmy Buffett concert start?

Not to be outdone by Mike, Andy and Jenn join the Mexican Hat Mania!

An Elephant Omen... time to get back to work in Catania.

Kind of sums up the weekend.

I had breakfast at Bubba Gump's in the Cancun Airport at 6:00 a.m. and saw this quote from Forrest himself.

Love can take many forms but to me the most important are the love of a good woman, the love of parents for their children and the love for your friends.  Now obviously these three forms of love are all different in passion, emotion and intensity but they are all still love nonetheless.

These few days in Mexico was a celebration of all three types for me.  What I have with Laurie, the pride I feel for Andy and Mike, the feelings I have for Jenn and Vanessa and the wonderful friends that are Brian and Koreen are all relationships I cherish dearly!

Oh, and by the way, I love going to Mexico too.

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