Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Last Day of the Feast of Sant' Agata

Thursday was the last day of the three day festival in honor of Catania's Patron Saint, Sant' Agata.

Katerina Barbagallo
Widely Acclaimed as Catania's #1 Hostess 

Gregorio has us over again for lunch which his mother, Katerina, prepared with her usual attention to detail.

Mangia Luke!

Larry knows that

Madonna and Child

Once again, "I DO NOT KNOW?"

Gustavo and His Posse

A Happy, Satisfied Group of Catania's Beautiful People

Christian DiMauro
We came back that evening to Gregorio's home to go see the finale, the candle light parade through the about three to four mile loop through the city.  Christian is wearing the traditional garb of the truly devoted fans of Sant' Agata.


During Wednesday's daytime parade this second story balcony about five blocks from Gregorio's home partially gave way, the right side here, injuring both the man standing on it and the unfortunate woman who was walking below it on the sidewalk.

Big Candle Night

People devoted to Sant' Agata show it on this evening by carrying lit candles that can weigh as much as 250 pounds on their shoulders over the entire parade route, NO SMALL TASK INDEED!  This one is big but it's not a 250 pounder.

On the way to Gregorio's friend Nicola's house, we inexplicably got hungry.

Here you see a lot of sausages on the grill.  As for me, I had to go with the polpetto, i.e., horsemeat meat ball sandwich.  It was SO good... I know, I know...

Nicola's Home

Nicola is the fourth one from the right.  On the fourth story of a splendid home on Via Etnea, Catania's main thoroughfare, it offered great views of the parade.  Of course it meant that their three balconies would be put to the test.

Far From the Maddening Crowd

Alessandra and Roberta

Does Anybody Know Where I Parked My Car?

Madalin Pavel

After a long night, what could be better than a stop a Jonathan's Pannini Stand for a 3:30 a.m. snack?  Madalin is a former Romanian boxer who fought for 17 years, speaks five languages including great English, and is a really good guy.  He now is a key member of the Jonathan's sales team.

One bad note to the evening was to find out that during the parade someone broke into Gregorio's home.  Fortunately, not too much was missing but it still is upsetting to say the least when your privacy is invaded.  DAMN GYPSYS!!!

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