Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sant'Agata Parade 2009

Today marks the second of the three days of festivities in honor of the Patron Saint of Catania, Sant' Agata.  The main event today is the parade of the various incredibly heavy candelaria that are carried all over the city by teams of guild workers.  Each candelaria is sponsored by a particular group such as for example, the bakers guild.

Thousands of Large Votive Candles 

These are being sold all over the parade route and are lit in honor of Sant' Agata.

Piaggio Decorated With Traditional Sicilian Art

The owner of this one set up a BBQ grill just a few feet away and did his variety of grilled meats ever smell good! 

A Typical Candelaria...

... and Another

Up Close and Personal

These Faithful Dressed in White Pull the Sant' Agata Cart All Over Catania.

Here She Is, Sant' Agata's Official Cart


A Carabinieri in his Sunday Best

Let's Take a Closer Look at Sant' Agata

As much fun as the parade is, it is the people in the greater Elephant family that stole the day again for me.  First, the Barbagallo family for having us all over to their home with this fantastic second story balcony view of all the happenings.  Thank you Bruno, Katerina and Gregorio.

Secondly, what a GREAT food-fest was served due to the hard work of the Lady of the House!  Another thank you to Katerina!!!

Finally, thanks to the Elephants, Pink Elephants and their friends who make every social gathering an event.

The Billiard Room

This is a really cool room that has been the scene of some great billiard matches when I've been to the Barbagallo's with Bruno usually taking home the honors.


The Usual Suspects

Gelato On Wheels, NOW YOU'RE TALKING!

Larry Goes High Tech

No Claudio, that is NOT the newest style from Under Armour

Gus... a Boy and His Pig Ball

Thoughts of Calcio Catania Are Never Too Far Away

A is for Agata

The Traditional White Costume That Men Wear on Parade Day

As you can readily see, "Chicks Dig It!"

Life is Always Good when You Have a Balcony View

I Wonder If They Have Anything REALLY Good to Buy Here? 

Candelaria Run, You Have GOT to Move!

Team Work Is Huge On This Day!


The Man Yelling Is Exhorting the Faithful to Swear Their Love for Sant' Agata!


Remember, the people in white will drag Sant' Agata's Cart all over Catania, NOT EASY!

It was a truly GREAT day in Catania this February 4th!

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