Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Quiet Friday

After Thursday's marathon trip to Palermo we opted for a quiet day by first going to the local IPerSimply to re-stock Malibu with fresh provisions.

We had a good 2 1/2 hour staff meeting in the Elephant War Room to discuss various strategies and plan Saturday's practice.  The weather has turned warmer so we should have a good turnout.

After the meeting we cruised the mean streets of Catania...O.K. via Etnea and the Piazza Duomo aren't too dangerous but it sounded good for the blog. 

Antique Carriage in Catania's City Hall Courtyard 

Also on display was a
"TEEPEECAL" Sicilian Peasants Cart

A pub in Catania near the Fundo Bianco, the official team bar of the Elephants

How many Iguana references can I find in a week on two continents?  I think that Debi Murphy may have been pouring drinks but I'm not sure.

Laurie arrives in Catania in

The Ruins of a Roman Amphitheater near the Piazza Duomo
We passed these on the way back to the car, it had seating for about 15,000 people back in the day.


Laurie said...

Grazie for the cherries!

Will James Blunt be there afer I arrive in Catania on the 20th? I would LOVE to see him, too!!!


George said...

Not sure of the date yet, but absolutely yes for a date if you are here although I"ll have to ask Roberta for permission to go out with you.