Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday at Sandos Caracol Resort

Friday was a glorious day at the Sandos Caracol Resort near Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan Peninsula with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius which is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  The humidity made it feel much warmer especially for royund people such as myself.

I brought the Nike jogging shoes on the right plus a pair of flip-flops.

Laurie felt the need to bring a few extra pairs of footwear.

The Caribbean Sea

One of the Sandos Caracol's many pools.

Andy and Jenn's Saturday wedding will take place here.

Another Pool

Claudio, can we grow these in Sicily?


Dinner at Las Mascaras Restaurant

A mascara is a mask and they have about 30 different masks around the restaurant.  I liked this one near our table.

Time to Graze

Laurie and Koreen taking advantage of their all-you-can-eat-and drink opportunities.

The Brothers Contreras being brothers

My thoughts keep drifting back to the team in Catania.


Claud said...


the name of this plant is Ravenala madagascariensis(aka The Traveller Palm,even if it's not a real palm).

It's a gorgeous plant, yet very similar to "Strelitzia alba"-same family- with its leaves and flowers.
It comes from Madagascar, a big island close to Africa.

I've seen it in Jamaica,Bali and...i guess Peppe should have one in its backyard.
You can grow it here but it needs a lot of sun and to be sheltered from strong winds.

Hope these info were enough detailed.

George said...

"Il Naturale",

GREAT info, they ARE very striking plants indeed.

See you tonight at practice,