Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Exciting Day For Elephant Football

Today, Gustavo and I had an appointment with some of the movers and shakers at the U.S. Naval Air Station Sigonella, a few miles outside of Catania.  We were hoping to generate interest on the base for the servicemen and servicewomen and their families who might be missing the thrill of watching American football in person during their three year tours of duty at Sigonella.

The Entry Gate was Full of Promise

While we waited for our contacts to arrive, who did we see across the street? 

Why none other than our old friend Mt. Etna!

Our new liasons with the base, on the left,
Bill Bray, the Director of Morale, Welfare and Recreation
and Bob Froelicher, the Recreation Director.

Two truly GREAT guys who are going to do everything in their power to promote the Elephants and hopefully significantly improve our fan base at games.  They may be a God-Send or maybe, at least the answer to our prayers to Sant' Agata.

Davide Giuliano, the Owner of the Elephants

To play it safe, Gustavo and I bought him one of the traditional yellow candles that are burned constantly during Sant' Agata's festival for Davide.  Here he slings it over his shoulder just before we lit it and he embarked on his four mile trek to the Cathedral of Sant' Agata as a way to say thank you for her intercession with the U.S. Navy!

Paul Petrich Jr.

Larry and Luke were at the airport to welcome the Elephant's new Defensive Line Coach to Catania.  After being stuck in London's freak snow storm for four days, Paul finally made it to Sicily.

First day in pads tomorrow, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

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