Friday, February 13, 2009

A Day in Roma

This blog post covers my Wednesday in Rome in two parts because I'm at the mercy of Mexican internet systems.

I got up very early on Wednesday to catch the Blu-Express plane from Catania to Rome.  I am travelling light with only a carry-on and a back pack because Laurie is meeting me in Mexico with a suitcase of clothes for me to bring back to Sicily to prepare for her invasion.  At check-in the young lady wanted to weigh my carry-on and it was one kilo ovder the allowable lmit.  I opened it in front of her, toolk out my toiletry bag and I was legal.  I then walked 20 feet away from her in plain sight, replaced the toiletry bag in the same offending carry-on and proceeded to embark on the first leg of my trip to Mexico for Andy and Jenn's wedding ceremony.

After the short flight it was on to the Leonardo Express for the 20 minute train ride to Rome's Termini Station.

The Fiat 500 has it's own piazza in Rome?

Caesar Augustus

First stop was the National Museum of Rome and what is generally considered to be the world's finest collection of Roman statuary.

The Boxer

Easily my favorite piece in the collection.

The Boxer's face close-up.

Although it looks like he has received his fair share of punishment over the years...

The Boxer's Fists

... I would guess his hands have also dealt out more than their fair share of punishment as well!

Man Leaning on a Staff

My second favorite piece of art in this museum.

A Noble Roman Visage

More on him in "A Day in Roma Part II

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