Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It is NOT all fun and games...

While many of this blog's readers tell me how much they enjoy the Sicilian adventure, and it truly is one, it at times is difficult here for a non-Sicilian reason.  Simply put, I miss my family and friends.  Examples you ask...

Jenn Gross and Andy Contreras

Seen here at Husky Stadium last season to watch the University of Washington be humbled by a very average Notre Dame football team in game played on a gorgeous fall day.

They both live in Las Vegas and today, Wednesday, February 4, 2009, they are getting legally married by "Elvis" at one of those wedding chapels that dot the city.

Laurie is flying out this morning to witness it.  Now, I know that this ceremony is, in their minds, for U.S. legal purposes primarily and that the celebration of their union that they really care about will take place on the sand in Cancun, Mexico in ten days on Valentine's Day.  I also know that I will be flying to Cancun next week to be there for their special day.  Nonetheless, I don't feel good about not being there for them today.

The "King" will have to cover for me.
Who are those people and where do they shop for clothes?

Mr. and Mrs. Contreras

Speaking of Valentine's Day

For probably over 20 years now, a group of us who attended the University of Washington get together near Valentines Day for dinner at one of our homes on an annual rotating basis.  It is always a night I look forward to because it is a night of retelling stories, lots of laughs and really good friendship with people we don't see anywhere near often enough.

Last Saturday night was the 2009 edition of this fun event and I could not attend.  Above is Laurie with Mike, Peter and Paul.  THREE GREAT GUYS!!!

At Last September's Make-up Valentines Day Party
Laurie, Joanne, Sherlyn and Susan

Laurie didn't send me a picture of the ladies that I liked from last weekend's get together, so here is one from the party at our house that was postponed for seven months because I was in Sicily.

How can the four of us have been so lucky to get these FOUR WONDERFUL LADIES to say yes?

Bottom line is that I miss all of you back in America more than you know!  Maybe even Caleb Litten too.


Andrew said...

Both Jenn and I wish you here too but understand. Looking forward to seeing you next week in Mexico. By the way she cried reading this - way to go Dad.

Love you.

Jenn and Andy (Soon to be The Contreras')

T-Minus 8hrs 24mins 10secs

George said...


This blog is NOT for the faint of heart!

Love on your Big Day!

DPLassen said...

Congratulations to the happy couple on part one of their wedding.

Interesting to read this today -- I'm in New York and just got back from the Metropolitan Museum, where one of the special exhibits is "Art and Love in Renaissance Italy," on the art associated with weddings and childbirth (well, mostly, anyway -- there's one gallery devoted to Renaissance erotica.)
George, you should see some of the traditional wedding gifts of the era -- be glad Jenn and Andy aren't marrying in Italy; you might be expected to come up with some very elaborate gifts.

George said...

NO WEDDINGS IN ITALY. Got it and I'm sure you took some illicit pictures of the illicit gifts!