Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crusading for Safer Streets

Thursday is our scheduled day to drive to the Northwestern corner of Sicily to have a workout for the seven Palermo area based Elephants.

Although Luke and Paul were there to primarily coach football, I was there to spread the word!

First I met with members of the
Palermo Police Department.

I am proud to report that these five representatives of the said that the P.P.D. is ON BOARD!  Look for great improvements in parking safety in Palermo over the next few months!!!

In Palermo you can actually purchase official badges like these.

Unfortunately I couldn't find an SOstare parking police badge.

The Carabinieri Are in FULL Support Also!

I met with two members of Italy's superb national law enforcement agency before lunch in Palermo.  Their only comment was to wonder why nobody started a crusade against these parking violators decades ago!

The Movement Grows!!!

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