Friday, June 1, 2018

A Morning in Varese and Another LONG Night of Skorpions Practices

Thursday, 31 May, 2018

The incredibly violent storm that lasted all night finally left the Lombardia region for parts unknown just after sunrise.

This break in the weather allowed us to drive up to Varese to renew our monthly transportation passes thanks to the generosity of the Skorpions.

As usual, it was also an excuse for Laurie to go shopping.

 I liked he looks of this
stately school building

As you may know, the Skorpions are
the American Football Champions of Varese

Now they are selling American football related toys in our honor in the city's shopping malls!

World War Memorial Art is found
constantly in Italian cities

"The Senate and the Roman People"

 The Catholic Church is also a
popular theme all over "The Boot"

 Colorful marble and/or
granite sidewalks are a MUST
in Varese

Title: "Indifference"

Varese has interesting public art displays throughout the city.

Uh-Oh . . .
a Public Market next to
the train station

Noting gives us more pride than supporting the local economy almost daily!

 GOOD looking sun dried tomatoes

Laurie bought enough of her beloved
cherries to last her a few days

As I said, the Skorpions
OWN this town

At least until the first Skorpions-Gorillas game in 2019.

In the evening, starting at 5:00 p.m., it was time for another round of Skorpion American Football Mania!  

And of course the storm clouds
thundered in right on cue!
 It poured throughout the U19 practice

But it let up during the
three Flag practices

As you can see, by now my phone's camera lens was fogging up due to the constant moisture.

The U13s are seen in the picture above.

The U13s in action

If it's Thursday, it must be the weekly
U15 vs. U17 skirmish

 For a change up, five of the
coaches challenged the U17s to
a scrimmage

The coaches may be a bit long in the tooth but they know every dirty trick in the playbook and have no conscience against using them to win.

I LOVE these guys!

"Dirty deeds done dirt cheap . . . "

Our Seniors had a spirited workout
again as we prepared for the
Modena Vipers onslaught

The Skorpions brought a great attitude to the field, were attentive, had fun and worked hard.

As their coach, what more could I ask for from a group of men?

It's GREAT to be a Skorpion!

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