Friday, June 22, 2018

Skorpion Practices on a Steamy Day

Thursday, 21 June, 2018

Happy Midsummer to all of our friends in Sweden!

Today is the longest day of the year, the official Summer Solstice, and a time for great celebration among the Nordic people.

In Sweden the maypoles will go up, the dancing will begin and the all night revelry will start on Saturday so as not to disrupt Friday's work schedules.


Meanwhile, back in Italy . . . 

A Cappuccino and a Spritz
before shopping at the Esselunga

Laurie is 100% behind the idea of alcohol serving coffee bars as part of every supermarket.

She says that it makes for mellow shopping experience.

Actually, the cappuccino fired me up before entering the aisles.

We opted to stay indoors again as it was still steamy outdoors.

I continue to attempt to break down our Vipers playoff game video but it is slow going.

The reason for this delay is that my trusted computer is suffering a bit from old age. The problem is simple but adds much to the time to write anything including these blog posts.

You see, the keyboard letters r, t, y, u, i and o on the top line of letters only work about 10-20% of the time that you try to access them. Thus, everything goes slowly and at times frustrates.

Warming Up the U19s and U16s

Both teams practiced tonight in preparation for their Fall seasons. I spent most of the evening working with the Offensive and Defensive Linemen.

To review, the U16s will play seven-man full contact football while the U19s will vie in a nine-man tackle league. 

We accomplished quite a bit tonight, I'm happy to say.

WR Matteo Mozzanica, a.k.a.,
"Pippy Longstockings"

Matteo is only 17 years old but had a solid season playing WR for a Skorpions' Senior team. His breakout game was our playoff contest against the Modena Vipers two weeks ago when he made two spectacular TD catches.

He is going to be a dominant receiver at the U19 level I'm sure.

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