Friday, June 8, 2018

Milano Revisited

Thursday, 7 June, 2018

A glorious day in Lombardia, just perfect to celebrate a birthday. 

Janne turned "25 and change"
as he calls it today

 At the Sforza Castle

My legs need a tan

Cannon Balls

Sistine Chapel-like

Wedding Pictures
at the Sforza Castle

Love Couple

 Janne's Security Pose

 Good Times!

She is so short
KFC and some other iconic signs

 At the Duomo

At the Galleria

Tradition called for this move


Near La Scala
No drama here today

 Chiesa San Bernardino Ossuary


The Duomo

Food at Peck's

The Stock Exchange

Chiesa San Maurizio

St. John the Baptist
on a really bad day


Shot through the heart . . .

Laurie in a Choir Seat
 Lower right, Sant'Agata

What is the story behind
this saint?

Love Couple at the Navigli Canals

It was a warm day after all

Looking GOOD!


DAMN, just missed this!

After a good day touring Milano, we headed home as we still had Skorpion practices tonight. 

Enzo with the 15s

Last U17-15 scrimmage of the year

This was the last night of practice for all of our Flag teams who finish their 2018 campaigns this weekend at the National Championship Tournament in Grosetto. 

U13 CB still needs to work on
her stance

Aiki, Enzo and Giorgio
all networking

Good looking t-shirt Aiki!

8:30 p.m.

A really good practice before our
Wild Card Playoff game vs.
the #7 seed, 6-2 Modena Vipers

As mentioned at the start of this post, it was Janne's birthday today, so we celebrated at the Villa Skorpion after practice.

Bart the Bug
Gelato Birthday Cake

Go Janne GO!

Frutti di Bosco Gelato!

DAMN that was good!

Why yes, I'll have a second.

And it is said that working
on your computer constantly
can cause brain damage

Another GREAT day in Italia!

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As oxymorons go, it's hard to beat a convention of anarchists.