Sunday, June 24, 2018

What a BEAUTIFUL Day for a Skorpions BBQ!

Sunday, 24 June, 2018

If it's a weekend, then it must be time for another Varese Skorpions BBQ at Skorpion Field!

Who were we to argue with the logic of it all? 

According to Laurie, our Grillmaster
is a dead ringer for our friend Ed Beakley

Frankly, I don't see any resemblance at all.

 Some red wine, prosecco,
ribs and beans sounded
good to me!

A Tavola with Gigi, Martina
and Santissima Barbara

Tex, Enzo and Giorgio
planning the Skorpions' future

Gigi, our OC, and Martina

Always fun when these two are at our table!

Enzo drinking "Stanley Cup Style"
out of the U15 National Championship

And then the music started . . .

 What would a BBQ be without
The Village People?

With Anna and Vito

This couple work incredibly hard to make the Skorpions better every way they can.

GREAT people!

 When Pacio says dance . . .

. . . you DANCE!

Even Santissima Barbara and Giorgio
got into the swing of things!

While the adults were dancing,
DJ in the red shorts to the right,
had the kids playing a tic-tac-toe
relay game


The high-top yellow tennis shoes and DJ's Tennis shoes with toes.

It must be noted that the young man in the yellow shoe's is DJ's son.

As with most things that happen
on Skorpion Field, it was competitive!

The BBQ was grilling in
"ALL-OUT" mode for hours

 With Marco our U17 Flag
team's Head Coach

Sara trying out to be our
Senior team QB in 2019

She has a chance, I think!

Some Italian American football updates . . .

Championship Weekend in Parma

A correction from yesterday's post, the three National Championship games will indeed all be played in Parma in two weeks but the dates I gave you were wrong.

The DIII game will be on Friday, July 6th.

The DI and DII games will be played on Saturday, July 7th.

All three match-ups are now set after two more games were played today.

Today's results

So here is our line-up go games for Championship Weekend in Parma:

DIII on Friday, July 6th
Catania Elephants (8-2) vs. Imola Ravens (9-0)

DII on Saturday, July 7th
#2 Bologna Warriors (10-0) vs. #5 Roma Pretoriani (10-1)

DI on Saturday, July 7th
#1 Milano Seamen (11-0) vs. #3 Bolzano Giants (10-2)

Reading Is FUNdamental!

A good Summer read

As we all know, Grisham's work has steadily declined over the years after writing his masterpiece, Playing for Pizza, back in 2007.

I completely understand his problem trying to come up with new ideas to compare with his seminal American football in Italy tome that most critics agree is one of the top five novels ever written by an American author.

Personally I rank Playing for Pizza at #2 just a hair behind Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.

Camino Island is still worth a couple of warm Summer days of reading I must admit.

Monday, Laurie and I are taking the train to the city of Vernazza in Italy's famed Cinque Terre area on the Ligurion Sea.

We need a vacation after all of this time living in beautiful Italy.

Vernazza by Day

Vernazza by Night

Somebody has to support the local economy, it might as well be us!


David said...

Cinque Terre remains percentage points ahead of Positano atop my Italian Coastal Destination Power Rankings. Enjoy!

George said...

Never been to Positano but we are LOVING Vernazza!