Saturday, June 16, 2018

Lunch With My Cousin in Milano and Dinner with Our Skorpions in Varese

Friday, 15 June, 2018

No rest for the weary today. We had another full agenda as has been the case for us all of the past week!

First Stop was the Post Office

Always an exciting place to visit as you must constantly survey your surroundings to determine who you follow in the one person queue. The rest of us were scattered throughout the Post Office's lobby to await our turn.

I figured that I was the seventh person waiting to be waited on, but one never knows.

After taking care of our business at the Post Office, we headed to the Venegono Inferiore train station for due cappuccini and due brioche before heading into Milano for lunch.

While enjoying our typical Italian colazione, a.k.a., breakfast, I was happy to see an article in our local newspaper about . . .

. . . Our Skorpions U15 Flag team's
successes over the past weekend

A good sized article about the
U15s' great tournament

U15s in action

Champions of the Italian
U15 Flag Football World!

We boarded the train to Milano for a special lunch date with my second cousin Maria Clara Eyherabide who lives and works in Milano with her husband Dario and 11 year old daughter Isabel.

Another café before lunch is OK

 We were to meet by the Leonardo
Da Vinci statue across from Milano's
famous La Scala Opera House

We had not seen Maria Clara
since we ate dinner with her family
back in 2009 after our Catania
Elephants road game against the
Milano Rhinos

It was like we had not skipped
a beat after all of these years!

We had great fun eating, drinking and talking at this nice Sicilian ristorante near her work.

Hopefully we can get together with Maria Clara's entire family for dinner before we head home in July.

In the evening, we were back in Varese for an outdoor patio dinner with U15 coaches Enzo and DJ plus their wives Nency and Cinzia respectively at Enzo and Nency's home.

We would later be joined by Nency's brother Lucca and his mate Laura.

Enzo and Nency's son
Filippo was the richly deserving
Offensive MVP of the
U15 National Tournament

This amazing salmon dish was just one
of the incredible dishes that we were
all going to enjoy this evening

Good music, great food and beverages plus even greater people made for yet another incredible day in Lombardia!

Grazie Enzo and Nency for a fabulous evening!


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