Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Good Beach Day in Monterosso al Mare and Some Opera in Vernazza

Wednesday, 27, June, 2018

Our top priority for the day was sea and sun, but first we needed sustenance to fuel up for the day's adventures.

Thus we took the short walk past the train station in search of breakfast.

The Stairway to Heaven?

No, not even the stairway to breakfast.

"Due cappuccini e due brioche,
per favore."

After a solid Italian colazione (breakfast), we headed into Vernazza before going to the beach in Monterosso al Mare to rid ourselves of some of our disposable income.


Two tickets to a series of opera
arias in a church would be a
perfect way to spend the evening

This one hour concert scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. in the tiny Oratorio SS. Trinity (red circle to the bottom left of this poster) would fit perfectly between our 6:00 p.m. aperitivo date and our 8:30 p.m. dinner plans.

Our bank accounts properly reduced as besides the concert tickets some more jewelry was purchased for the estate, we headed to . . .

Monterosso al Mare

During yesterday's advance scouting of the four Cinque Terre villages located on the water, Corniglia is a hill top village, we easily decided that Monterosso al Mare was our best option for a day at the beach.

I liked their city crest that includes the three red mountains in the sea, thus Monterosso al Mare. 

We opted for a spot in front of the
#25 on this map, La Cantina di Miky

For a reasonable price we got a spot
with an umbrella and . . .

. . . two lounges

We were officially in Heaven!

But, we were definitely . . .

. . . NOT . . .

. . . alone!

While it may look crowded, it did not feel that way at all where we were.

The last two photos were of the nearby Free Beach which was crowded with budget travelers.

Laurie heading back to our
Airbnb after a glorious day
on the Ligurian Sea

About that 6:00 p.m. aperitivo . . .

. . . it was delicious!

On to the concert!

It is in a church after all

A church overlooking
Vernazza's harbor

The BVM guarding the harbor

Late afternoon sun worshipers

 Almost time to go into
the concert

The steeple of Vernazza's
main church

Our venue was more of a chapel than a church.

A not so old chapel by European
standards that was built in 1750 A.D.

Soprano Alexandra Ivcenko . . .

 . . . singing Puccini's
"Si mi chiamano Mimi"
from La Bohème

Soprano Letizia Cappellini . . .

. . . singing Donizetti's
"Quel guardo il cavaliere"
from Don Pasquale

Pianoforte Cesare Goretta . . .

. . . playing Puccini's
from Manon Lescant

We are by no means opera buffs but we enjoyed the quality performances by all three of these artists in a good venue.

In the real world outside of the arts
in was yet another laundry day
in Vernazza

Our dinner spot served

The wine, champagne and limoncello were quite nice as well.

We weren't driving.

The restaurant next door to us
is closed on Wednesdays

 A final look at Vernazza's harbor

Yes, we HAD to stop for a
couple of scoops

Magic hour lighting while
enjoying our gelato

Gelato, deep blue night sky
and a tiny chapel go good together
as it turns out

Reading Is FUNdamental!

If you are ever forced to stay
on a beautiful beach on a sunny
Italian day, this is the book you
want to read

An excellent Summer read to be sure!

Thus ended our last full day in the Cinque Terre. Thursday we head back to Venegono Superiore to tie up all of the loose ends to our current EuroBall Adventure.

After five and a half glorious months living in Italy, we will be returning home to our family and friends in California soon.


David said...

I stayed in a lovely small family-owned hotel in Monterosso when I visited the Cinque Terre, in part because it proudly advertised its own private beach. When I arrived, I learned the beach had been closed for the season a week before — even though it was still very warm. Settled for the hotel pool, which was not quite the same.

Still, I loved everything about the Cinque Terre -- including the walk between the towns -- and would go back in a heartbeat. Glad you enjoyed it.

George said...

The Cinque Terre is a truly magical land!

Now if we could just keep all of those damn American, English and German tourists out . . .