Saturday, June 9, 2018

Lake Lugano With Aiki and Janne

Friday, 8 June, 2018

Another day of travel adventures awaited us today.

We first made a shopping trip to our local Esselunga Supermarket where Janne and Aiki marveled at their vast selections and gawked at their incredibly low prices compared to what they have to pay for similar items in Sweden.

It would not be the only time today that we would be shocked about prices as we were headed to Lugano, Switzerland in the afternoon where things are definitely not cheap.

Lunch at the Villa Skorpion
with the spoils from Esselunga

For dessert, we finished off Janne's "Bart the Bug Gelato Birthday Cake" from last night.

I do not like to eat things that, even though dead, are still looking at me with their eyes, like some fish dishes.

Thus it was with great trepidation
that I ate one of Bart's eyeballs

Fully sated, it was ON TO SWITZERLAND!

Laurie had not been to Lugano as of yet and Aiki and Janne had never been to Switzerland at all.

After parking our car we entered the Santa Maria degli Angel Church noted for its frescos.

LOTS of frescos

Solid Main Altar area

Jesus didn't miss many meals

 Pock marked saint

Madonna and Child on a donkey

Side chapel ceiling

Cool view

One map of the . . .

. . . make that two maps of the old city

 Buried here is . . .

 Suffering the songs and arrows
of outrageous fortune

In Hoc Signo . . .
A Last Supper

That Apostle on Jesus' right is getting a bit chummy, rumors could start from depictions like this.

 Here lies . . .

It was an interesting church but we had more to see and do. 

Like eat raclette cheese pretzels

Laurie window shopping at
a funky antique store

This picnic basket is what caught
her attention



One of my favorite stops in Lugano

Great aromas inside . . .

. . . with well displayed food items

Yes madam, those ARE real salamis!

While the ladies shopped for much needed clothes, I ducked into a church . . .

. . . where this monk was
body slamming someone

 Aiki and a sinful chocolate filled
dessert that we all shared

  We need a tractor table
like this one in our back yard

Blooming in Lugano

In order to get a faster feel for the Lugano, we boarded one of those little tourist trains that whisked us around the city at breakneck speeds.

We all enjoyed the ride

We had great views of the lake

LOTS of great views

 A castle

 A geyser


Colorful boats

Lugano loves . . .
. . . fountains

Tourists by the City Hall
Angels and a Beer Mug

One love couple . . .

. . . and another

Our view while eating a snack
and enjoying a beverage

Old dock lamps

Lugano was great as usual, but it was time to cross the border back into Italy with its much friendlier prices.

After a rousing game of Yahtzee with some Prosecco, which I won through no fault or skill of my own, we were off to good dinner in nearby Tradate. 

Three pizzas and a Calzone
per favore

Another GREAT Day
With Friends!

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