Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Hot, Humid Day to Start Our U19 and U16 Practices in Earnest

Tuesday, 19 June, 2018

A good day to stay indoors as the thermometer was showing temperatures in the high 80s with equally high humidity readings.

Other than a trip to the market for much needed provisions, we spent the day in the Villa Skorpion reading, watching more World Cup action on TV and started to finally breakdown the video from our final game versus the Modena Vipers a week ago.

At 7:00 p.m. it was back to Skorpion Field for the first time in a week for the start of serious Skorpion U19 and U16 practices. Their first games, nine-man affairs, will be contested in September.

The heat and humidity was perfect for the 14th Annual Intercontinental Mosquito Convention being held at Skorpion Field for the third time, the most of any host city.

We were honored to have them feeding off of our young players and our coaching staff.

Ricardo, in his "stance",
is a first time player

Here Skorpion Senior lineman Nikko Moruzzi, with his back to us, is coaching the prospective U19 linemen. 

Ricardo is only 17, has never played American football, weighs about 225 lbs. and showed great promise tonight in his debut practice.

I think he likes hitting people.
Senior Team starters
MLB Marco Andreoli and
OG Gabo "Capo" Di Stefano

They will both also be key members and trusted leaders of this Fall's U19 squad as Marco just turned 18 while Capo is only 17 years old.

It was good to be back on Skorpion Field again. 

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