Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Fun Day Spent Visiting Three Other Cinque Terre Villages

Tuesday, 26 June, 2018

We decided to explore the three other Cinque Terre villages located at the base of a ravine leading to the Ligurian Sea.

We planned to visit Corniglia, the only hilltop Cinque Terre village, on Wednesday.

But first we roamed about Vernazza a bit more before boarding the train known as the Cinque Terre Express. 

Tuesday is Street Market day
in Vernazza

Laurie bought a few things but definitely not vegetables. 

The harbor in Vernazza was
still quiet in the morning

We had a drink here last night

We bought two unlimited rides, day pass on the Cinque Terre Express for only eight Euros each. It was a bargain as a single ride ticket costs a whopping four Euros.

Our first stop was . . .

. . . the westernmost village officially
called Monterosso al Mare

It has BY FAR the Cinque Terre's
largest beach area

We are planning to vegetate here most of Wednesday. 

The Giardino Cinema had a certain
"Cinema Paradiso" feel to it

San Andrea

In English, St. Andrew, we like him very much!

A random pair of towers,
one mostly hidden

More beach umbrellas

Where on this beach should we plop
down on tomorrow?

This would work for me

A serene beach with . . .

. . . perfect Ligurian Sea water . . .

. . . and a not so perfect WWII
Nazi pillbox bunker

It is still hard to believe that WWII ever touched the lives of the people in this enchanted land.

A second, much smaller beach in
Monterosso al Mare near the historic
center of the old town

The old town's bay is breathtaking too

With Monterosso al Mare fully scouted out, we rebounded the Cinque Terre Express and headed to the easternmost Cinque Terre village . . .

. . . a working town and the biggest of
the five villages

And what work would that be besides fishing and catering to tourists?

A hint

Like all of the Cinque Terre villages,
the hills are terraced, grapes were long
ago planted and we all get to enjoy
fine local wines as a result

Riomaggiore's pastel buildings

The boats were hauled ashore today

Laundry Day

I just liked the pharmacy sign

We left a few Euros here as we ate
and shopped for untold treasures

Religious fervor in Riomaggiore

Sun kissed Via Colombo,
Rio Maggiore's main street

Art is everywhere in Riomaggiore

We could hike to our next village by
taking the Via Dell' Amore

Or we could take the train again.

I'll let you guess what we decided to do.


A bit more about the Via Dell' Amore before we discuss our next village. Until the 20th-century the five villages were extremely isolated from each other.

Then in the 1920s a tail was finally built connecting Riomaggiore with our next village, Manarola. This new path changed the social dynamics of both villages and made life much more fun and romantically interesting.

After WWII, the trail became established as a lover's meeting place for boys and girls from the two villages, thus the name Via Dell' Amore which translates as Pathway of Love.

Onward to . . . 

. . . low key and surrounded
by hilltop vineyards

A Liberty style building near
the Manarola train station

The Sun was shining here too

There are the hilltop vineyards

More pastel colored buildings

Religious art on display up the hill

Ceramic art on sale down the hill

We, of course, supported the local economy.

Manarola's mini-harbor

The Ligurian Sea was looking good

Manarola was looking better

Interesting rock formation
on the harbor's hillside path

A lonely boat . . .

. . . on the rugged seacoast

Two more lonely boats in
Manarola's harbor

No beach in Manarola, so you
capture your tan wherever you can

A working boat at rest

Just love this view of Manarola

Heading back to the Manarola
train station and one more ride
back to Vernazza

This trip was our fourth and final one today, our Cinque Terre Express day card cost us each eight Euros and saved us eight Euros today as opposed to buying single tickets for each ride.

Good deal, better than most done recently by the Trump Administration.

Back in Vernazza . . .

WHAT THE . . .

That's more like it!

A married door knocker?

The Vernazza beach was quiet
in the late afternoon

Beauty and the Beast at the harbor?

Look closely.


Just another day in paradise!

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