Sunday, June 3, 2018

GREAT News, a National Holiday, a Meeting, a Practice and a HUGE BBQ

Saturday, 2 June, 2018

I would be remiss in going another day without posting about a great honor for one of our Skorpion defenders.

 #21 Nicolas Principi OLB/Falcon

Nicolas has been a dominant defensive player for our Skorpions all year long. He is on every Special Team, plays Fullback in our Goal Line Offensive package and has yet to miss a practice.

In short, he is a winner!

I am proud to announce the Nicolas will be a . . .

. . . Europe Warrior this Summer!

He has been selected to be part of the team that will play against the University of Chihuahua in Mexico this coming August.

Our son Michael and I will both be part of the Warriors' coaching staff.

It should be another great experience South of the Border.

An Italian National Holiday

Today marked the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the current Italian governmental system after the end of WWII and the reign of the Benito Mussolini led Fascist government.

As is usual, there is daily turmoil in the halls of the Italian government these days.

Not Trump level turmoil but turmoil nonetheless.

I headed to Varese for another video session with our defensive players as we continue our prep work for next Saturday's DII Wild Card game on the road against the 6-2 Modena Vipers.

 Heroic Statue decked out
in Italian Flag colors for the Festa

 Raise this fancy number up on
your driveway and no
unwanted cars can enter

 Our team bar and the site
of today's Defensive meeting

GM Giorgio Nardi leading
the video review

We had a good 75 minute session and then it was time to head back to Skorpion Field for the first major U19 and U16 practices leading to their season openers in September.

 I have got to learn more about
this walk before we head home
to California

 It was a BEAUTIFUL day for
American football!

Our U13 Flag team is seen practicing in the foreground.

They along with our U17 and U15 Flag teams all qualified for the National Flag Championship Tournament being held in the Tuscany region in the city of Grosseto next Saturday and Sunday.

Tone Setting

Giorgio Nardi leading the Warm-Ups

 Me leading the Tackling Drills


 Getting him into a good Fit Position

Right Shoulder Tackles

Eyes UP DJ!

Either Dabbing or pointing
the way to the BBQ

Offensive Linemen to the
Two Man Sled

 Reach Blocking

Hit - Lift - Drive

Good Extension

What do you think for
Day One?

For the first major practice for these two teams that will play nine-man full contact American football in the Fall, I thought it was a good one.

Lots of enthusiastic players always makes for a good coaching situation.

Meanwhile at the BBQ pit . . .

 Skorpions Family members were
gathering for the Festa BBQ

 Is Jack being PC here?

 There would be LOTS
of meat on the grill today!

Of course you eat a slice of raw
meat when the chef offers you one

At times, grilling can be vastly overrated.

Still, all of the meat eventually
got on the grill

And the bread was SO good!

Especially with some of the
10 Kilo Gorgonzola cheese
wheel that Enzo Petrillo
brought to the BBQ

That's 22 lbs. of delicious cheese for goodness sakes!

 There was also incredible white wine
to go with the beer, Prosecco, red wine
and sangria

The table near to the BBQ Pit
is always a good place to hang
out during one of these events
Chateaubriand cooked Luca's
Skorpion way

Grill Master Luca takes this big cut of meat and places it on the grill for a few minutes. He then takes it off of the grill to slice off a few cooked portions near the surface before placing the slab back on the grill.

If you somehow just happen to be standing by the big table, you are going to get to eat some delicious cuts of high quality animal flesh.

Then there were the desserts
Giorgio and Enzo wanted to talk to
me about coming back next year

I told them that they would have to talk to my Agent Laurie Maguire. 


Enzo and Laurie quickly reached an agreement.

"It's GREAT to be a Skorpion!"

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