Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Fun, Simple Night in Varese

Friday, 22 June, 2018

We had a nice, cooling break in the weather today that included much wanted breezes which made for greater comfort for all Lombardians I'm sure.

My morning included a trip to the Norauto to try and get our car a lube and oil change before we return it to Enzo and Nency in just twelve days when we head home to California.


I was told.

You see this simple, routine automotive maintenance task could not possibly be done without referencing the car's Maintenance Manual first.

Since we could not find said Manual in the car, I was told that there was no way for them to properly do the work up to industry standards.

I would have to return another with the Manual in hand!

We continued to work on our sorting and packing in prepartion for both our return to California and for a cost effective mini-vacation to the charming Cinque Terre coast on the Ligurian Sea just southeast of Genoa.

We had originally planned on spending this time in Sicily visiting our wonderful Catania Elephant friends but the high  cost oairline tickets forced a change in our itinerary.

In the evening we decided to drive into Varese to have a libation and some food at the BellaVita Cafè and perhaps see a few of the Skorpions Family.

The old chiesa looked
good at sunset

One skinny, colorful building
This guy had it ALL!

The hat, the glasses, the awesome coat, no socks and . . .

 . . . those incredible studded shoes!

Sure enough, we did find a bunch of Skorpions at the BellaVita. Cillio was watering himself and a date while Tex, Gianluca, Nicolas and Andrea were all hard at work.

Love these Skorpions! 

 On the walk back to our car

Varese's historic center has some
wonderful buildings

 Colors, LOTS of colors in Varese

And one grand bell tower

Life is good in northern Italy!

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