Monday, June 18, 2018

A Sunday at Home with the World Cup

Sunday, 17 June, 2018

It was another sultry day in Venegono Superiore, perfect for reading and watching some World Cup action on TV.

Mexico's HUGE 1-0 upset of Germany
was the World Cup Game-of-the-Day

We get the live feed of the games for free on our TV but there are no announcers. We kind of liked it.

The day brought us lots of news from the world of American football in Italy as well.

First up was the result of the last DII Quarter-Final game.

We were going to go to this game but had to change our plans as Skorpions U16 Head Coach Christian "Bumba" Bianchi wanted to meet over dinner to discuss some ideas for the start of his team's practices in earnest beginning this coming Tuesday.

A dinner meeting, how could I say no?

 The #3 seed Busto Arsizio Blue Storms (9-0)
outlasted the #6 Martesana Daemons (6-4)

 The DII Playoff Bracket

So the DII Semi-Finals set up like this:

#5 Roma Pretoriani (9-1) at
#1 Padova Saints (9-0)

#3 Busto Arsizio Blue Storms (9-0) at
#2 Bologna Warriors (9-0)

Of interest in DI play was the result of one of the two Sunday Wild Card games where a good coaching friend Bart Iacarrino's Lazio Ducks were playing.

The #4 Lazio Ducks (6-5) cruised past
the #5 Ancona Dolphins (4-7)

The DI Playoff Bracket

The win by the Ducks sets up an interesting Semi-Final game for many of us as the Ducks now play the top seeded Milano Seamen coached by Mike Wood.

On our Europe Warriors coaching staff, Mike is the Defensive Coordinator and Bart is the General Manager/Defensive Line Coach.

I hope no one schedules another dinner meeting, I definitely want to see this game.

During the regular season the Seamen won the game versus the Ducks in Rome by a final tally of 59-25.

The DI Semi-Finals schedule:

#4 Lazio Ducks (6-5) at
#1 Milano Seamen (10-0)

#3 Bolzano Giants (9-2) at
#2 Parma Panthers (8-2)

Good news this weekend from DIII as well as our old club, the Catania Elephants, won another playoff game.

When we coached the Elephants back in 2008 and 2009 we were a DI club. Finances more than anything else have dropped the Elephants down to the nine-man playing DIII level where they are having a good season.

The Catania Elephants (7-2) edged
the Perugia Grifoni (7-1) in a big upset

The DIII Playoff Bracket

The Conference Finals are this coming weekend with the National Championship game two weeks after that.

Southern Conference Final
Golfo del Tigullio Whitepreds (7-1) at
Catania Elephants (7-2)

Northern Conference Final
Venezia Islanders (8-0) at
Imola Ravens (8-0)

As for that dinner meeting . . .

 Dining next to a lake with kids frolicking,
talking American football is a GOOD thing!

We met Bumba at the Vecchia Riva Ristorante on the shores of Lake Varese. The food was special and the atmosphere was youthful fun for all.

It made Laurie and I both miss the grandchildren though.

Laurie's Panna Cotta dolci
was delicious she claimed

 Bumba ans I were more than
pleased with our tiramisu

Reading Is FUNdamental

Susan D'Antuono gave me
this book to read a few weeks ago

Due to all of our activities the past ten days or so, I had not had a lot of time to read but this was a good book that I highly recommend to you.

All in all, it was another enjoyable day in Lombardia.

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