Thursday, June 7, 2018

Swedish Invasion of Lombardia

Wednesday, 6 June, 2018

In what most historians consider to be the greatest invasion of Swedish culture in the greater Milano area since the ABBA concert of 1972 in Stadio San Siro, Aiki Parts and Janne Kristofersson arrived today.

Aiki and Janne at Lake Como

They hale from Upplands-Väsby, Sweden where I coached the Wäsby Warriors the past two Springs.

They weralso my wonderful, gracious host family both seasons.

We now get to host them for a few days in Lombardia.

Saw him in concert in 1969
at the Seattle Center Coliseum

 Easy Rider is 50 years old?

Peaceful Lake Como

 The Gang at the Como Duomo

 Chiesa San Jacopo

 Old and Colorful

Nice Altar

The BVM looking good
Explain please

Janne tried to call me on that thing

What is it?

Prosecco Time!

Como Duomo again

In the evening we went to the
Bellavita Cafe in Varese . . .

. . . where we had a Skorpions
offensive meeting
Good attendance

Latithe evening, Enzo Petrillo
joined uto talk about American football  

Enzo was networking with Aiki who is the President of the Stockholm American Football Federation.


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