Thursday, May 31, 2018

Preparing to Face the Modena Vipers Delaware Wing-T Offense

Wednesday, 30 May, 2018

We used the day to read, relax, do laundry, view video of our upcoming playoff opponent the Modena Vipers and research how to defend their Delaware Wing-T offense.

The Delaware Wing-T offense is dear to my heart as we ran it at Westlake H.S. and Rio Mesa H.S. in California when I was their Head Coach for about 17 seasons back in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

I have always loved to hear coaches wax poetic about the superiority of the current day spread offenses and then see them react in a somewhat panicked mode when fates place them against an extremely old-school offense like the Delaware Wing-T.

Our Varese Skorpions are no different. It is an unusual offense that indeed presents many problems for our defense.

Fortunately, the bye week gives us two extra practices to prepare and we've scheduled at least two Defensive meetings to get a solid visual picture of what awaits us in Modena the evening on June 9th.

It will be hard for our Scout Team to simulate the Vipers offense in practice but we will work hard to prepare as coaches and players I'm sure.  

Laurie took this photo out of
the Villa Skorpion's front window

It was 9:00 p.m. and it should have been pitch black outside except that we were at the start of Mother Nature's best, longest lasting thunder and lightning storm yet.

Believe us, there have been many of these storms in the last three weeks but nothing as long lasting or powerful as tonight's.

I had left Laurie at the Villa Skorpion to head up to the Bellavita Café, our official Skorpion Team Bar, for our first scheduled Delaware Wing-T defensive team video meeting.

The drive to the Bellavita in the historic core of Varese was intense due to the rain, lightning and thunder.

Or so I thought until the drive home two hours later.

It was POURING outside
the Belavita!

As I looked out the door, I could not believe what I saw.

A family, including a baby in a stroller,
still dining al fresco!

I know that the calendar says May 30th and it is Spring and all but DAMN Mom and Dad, it is POURING!

Reviewing the recent Hogs-Vipers
game tape with the team

It was a good meeting and we got our Wing-T defensive concepts installed and understood I believe, after the usual barrage of questions.

Now to see how well we can execute our game plan, first at practice and then on the game field in Modena.

As for the drive home after the video meeting, the words EPIC, HOMERIC and MIND BOGGLING would all accurately describe the weather/driving conditions as the storm continued to intensify all night long.

It was truly a shame that we were not practicing at Skorpion Field in this very special edition of . . .


David said...

As a young reporter, I admired the Wing-T for its efficiency and hated it for its effectiveness in making it hard to find the ball carrier while trying to keep stats. Maybe you could get Brad Gossen and Gary Wellman to come run the scout team for a few days.

George said...

I hope that our young but game defense can do a better job finding the ball next week to be sure!

I wish that those two were playing for us Saturday night.