Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Milestone Birthday for Miss Laurie

Monday, 7 May, 2018

Today was a BIG day for my bride as Laurie and I celebrated the 35th Anniversary of her 35th birthday!

Thirty-five? Wasn't that Tom Verti's number at the University of Washington back in the late 1960s?

After getting up early to go get her flowers and her favorite frutti di bosci brioche (croissant), I asked her what she wanted to do on her special day.

She thought for the briefest of moments before answering, "Nothing."

After going out for dinner in Varese Friday night, the amazing meal at Swito's home Saturday night and the trip to Zürich yesterday, she simply wanted a day of rest to read a bit, eat some of the leftovers that Swito gave us as parting gifts two nights ago and decompress.

Her wish was my command.

Late in the afternoon, she changed her mind a bit though.

She suddenly had a hankering for gelato.

With the weird timing of her request, I had to wonder if she was pregnant again?

Nope, she just wanted some
GENUINE Italian gelato is all

We went straight to Venegono Superiore's outstanding La Pasticceria di Davide to fill her needs.

She went with the cherry and coconut in a cup while I opted for the coconut and chocolate in a stylish cone.

Natural tree fortress at
the nearby park as we strolled
and ate our gelato

She wanted this car
as a birthday present

I'll start tracking down the owner on Tuesday to see if he would be willing to sell this classic Fiat 500.

We realized that Laurie had yet to walk through the main streets of both Venegono Superiore and Venegono Inferiore.

She had only seen them as a passenger in our car.

It was time to remedy this situation immediately starting with Venegono Superiore first!

Chiesa San Giorgio

I'd even go to confession with
this priest if he were around

Playful Saints

 The Baptistry at
Chiesa San Giorgio

Laurie marveling at the fine
examples of religious art

We moved on a few blocks to the small but interesting Santuario di Santa Maria alla Fontana.

It was built in 1542

We liked the feel of this
country village church

 How old is this door?

The Holy Water Font
might be the original one
from 1542 by the looks of it

Santa Maria alla Fontana Miracles

 We both like religious art

Station of the Cross #IX

This one looked only 50 to 75 years old, definitely not an original in any case.

Religious Art on the streets
of Venegono Inferiore

The walk through this village was a quick one as not much was open but my barber shop was and no one was getting their haircut so we took advantage of the situation and about eight minutes later my entire head had been reduced to a level one cut by a trained professional!

I'll look good in Sardinia this weekend. We will be staying in Cagliari for a few nights after our Saturday game.


I cooked Laurie a simple meal that we shared and then called it a day.

I must add that we were more than a bit disappointed when our usual Monday Night with Montalbano date night was cancelled because Mr. Berlusconi's RAI 1, 2 and 3 TV channels all stopped broadcasting all evening due to some unknown technical difficulty.

Still, all in all, I think Laurie enjoyed her special day.

We have agreed to go out on Wednesday night to have a late birthday dinner and perhaps even a glass of wine.

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