Friday, May 11, 2018

Last Practice Day Before the Flight to Sardinia

Thursday, 10 May, 2018

On Facebook yesterday I received an interesting post titled The Eight Things You Need To Know About Italy.

Number four on that list was:
"You should be well prepared, when you have to associate with any Italian friends. They are extremely passionate and have arguments about everything."

Who knew?

Daily life living in a
La Scala production

DII Weekly Power Rankings

A bit hard to read and certainly not as exciting as the weekly Gelateria Top Ten Rankings, but your Varese Skorpions check in at #10 this time around.

Laurie and I decided to stay local today as the first of my now three practices started at 5:00 p.m. 

A small country church in
nearby Torba di Gornate Olona

"Hail Mary Full of Grace"
 The building on the right
was our patio hangout for
well over an hour

 Trattoria di Torba

A GREAT spot to enjoy a beverage and share an antipasto plate of Italian meats and cheeses while the world passes by.

Finally, it was time for our first practice of the evening with the new U19 full contact tackle team.

Explaining the difference between
left and right shoulders to a player

 That brought out a few giggles

 Teaching Tackling

Tackling Double Arm Rip

On to another tackling technique . . .

. . . the Gator Tackle

"So I went this way to buy the
cappuccino while Laurie went that
way to get the mandorla brioche."


Our new QB looked good for our
first day throwing

The U19, nine-man season does not start until September.

Good battle in the Secondary

WR Filippo Petrillo, in orange, made the grab.

At 6:30 p.m. the combined
U13, U15 and U17 Flag practices
commenced for action

Casting a long shadow during
tonight's U17 vs. U15 skirmish

The 8:30 p.m. Senior practice
was ready to start under non-rainy
conditions for once

It was our final tune-up before what looms to be a difficult road contest with the Crusaders in Cagliari on . . . 

. . . the island of Sardinia

I find Sardinia's flag to be interesting. It is seen here draped over a map of the island.  

This Saturday night at
8:00 p.m. in Cagliari

Entrance is free, see you there if you are in the area.

Go Skorpions GO!

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