Saturday, May 19, 2018

Laurie's First Visit to Varese's Sacro Monte

Friday, 18 May, 2018

With rain in the forecast for the next few days, we decided to get out of the Villa Skorpion while the Sun was still shining.

First stop,
Vedano Olona

We wanted to find out more about their San Pancrazio Festival this weekend but we saw an interesting little chapel across the street from the City Hall.

Enter we must!

Perhaps a medical mural
at the San Rocco Chapel

Jesus at a spa?

Colorful remnant

San Rocco himself

He is traditionally prayed to when the plague rears its deadly face.

He has been unemployed for a long time now.

Modern Stained Glass Window

The San Rocco Chapel was a nice one indeed.

Venegono Superiore that away

The Vedano Olona City Hall

We got our wanted information
about the festival and were on our way

Where to you ask?

Why Varese's Sacro Monte
or Sacred Mountain was calling

Although I had visited the
Sacro Monte, Laurie had not

She loved the woods leading up
the mountain to the shrines

The Sacro Monte offers some
amazing views of Varese

The Santuario Santa Maria
del Monte dates back to
the 15th-century

Pope Paul VI on the right

Born Giovanni Montini, the future Pontiff was the Archbishop of Milan for several years.


Is that Pacio's community
drinking bowl from Bellagio?

Pope Paul VI had big hands

The Santuario's clock tower

Laurie loved the interior
of the Santuario

So did I, truth be told.

What are they going to do
to the baby Jesus?

The silent but powerful
Holy Ghost

Excellent Dome Art

Who doesn't love a big,
gold edged religious book?

The Madonna and Child

The remains of the
Blessed Carlo Gnocchi,
a heroic Alpini Officer
from WWII

How old is this Holy Water Font?


That pipe on the far left
gives off a great tone when struck
by that wooden hammer

The ornate Main Altar

Amazing celling art

That's a BIG candle

Serene blue

The altar in the
Chapel of the Saints

The same chapel's ceiling art

Slaughter of the Innocents

Such a sunny disposition

The life of a hermit is TOUGH!

Laurie with Lake Varese
in the distance

I like to take these
framed shots

Nice street lamp

Moses overlooking
the Sacro Monte

It is Spring after all

The vista for our reading break


A new age mural

One view during
our adult beverage break . . .

. . . and another


Laurie getting artsy
with my Prosecco

I find it interesting that autocorrect tries to change Prosecco to prosaic. I think that it does have that effect on me. 


Laurie took this photo
at the Sacro Monte Cemetery

For once, I opted not to enter this particular graveyard.

It was a good, relaxed day to be sure but one thing was still missing . . .   

. . . one of Laurie's GREAT,
home cooked spaghetti dinners

With all of the fresh Italian ingredients at her disposal, it was an amazing end to another wonderful day in Lombardia!

Now for some in-depth HUDL video review time . . .

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