Thursday, May 10, 2018

Another Trip Into Milano

Wednesday, 9 May, 2018

Laurie wanted to see more of Milano today and who was I to argue?

I gave her our book 111 Places in Milan That You Must Not Miss to peruse on the train into the city and come up with a list of a few things that she wanted to see on today's excursion.

Thus, once in Milano, we were off to . . . 

. . . Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio
founded n 379 A.D.

Laurie in the Basilica's
interesting courtyard

Who was this person of interest?

Delicate early Corinthian column
Preservation is always
an issue in Italy . . .

. . . and usually on a large scale

Interesting iron work

Laurie and her love of
all things grape related

A winged, snake bodied dog
always means
"Enter the Basilica" to me

Laurie and a Pope

 Well preserved murals

Saintly side chapel

 Laurie's favorite side chapel
only lacked another . . .
. . . lit candle

San Giorgio

Amazing Carving

Sant'Ambrogio's Main Altar

 Awe Inspiring

Part of Italy's incredible
Art History


We moved on . . .

Maybe, she IS kind of cute,
but I don't have a European
Passport either

 Laurie found a quaint shop to
buy some once-in-a-lifetime items

Next stop, the Antiquarium Museum . . .

 Gladiator Helmet

 Ancient Roman carving
from the ruins of the no
longer existing Milan amphitheater

Near the Porta Ticinese


A Modern Mural . . .

. . . and another

Laurie wanted to enter the Chiesa San Lorenzo, so we did.

Padre Pio with me seated
in the background

A not so private confessional

Pretty much how I was feeling
at about this time

The B.V.M. in her
traditional blue and white

 I was resting as Laurie
explored this church that I
had previously visited

Of course she lit a
candle in this church

As if there was any doubt . . .

We both liked Leonardo's version
of the Last Supper better

An otherwise empty side
room's ceiling

On to the Naviglio!

The Naviglio is Milano's canal neighborhood.

Why don't we have 24 hour beer
vending machines in California?

 A Naviglio bar hit the spot

Laurie liked the Naviglio
as much as I did

Artsy Italian Woman
by a Naviglio Bridge

Yes, she loved our day in Milano

A good looking place to dine
but it was too early for dinner

We did have dinner plan's for the evening as we were going to celebrate Laurie's recent birthday with a good, traditional Italian meal.

Our first choice is closed on Wednesday's so we instead went into nearby Tradate to have a wonderful dining experience at the Ristorante da Vincenzo.

The appetizer of prosciutto and mozzarella da bufala cheese was incredibly good. The white wine was to Laurie's liking and our pasta and risotto dishes were made to perfection.

All that was left was a café and a shared . . .

. . . tiramisu to complete
another perfect day in Lombardia!

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