Monday, May 4, 2015

The Magical Carmen del Campillo o de los Moriscos

Saturday, 2 May, 2015:

After our playoff loss today, Roberto and Inma asked us to join them for a trip to one of their favorite spots in the greater Murcia megalopolis.

At about 9:30 p.m., they picked us up for the 30 minute drive towards Orihuela to visit the scene of their second date. When we arrived we found a wondrous tea garden in the remote huerta located in a Moorish styled farmhouse.

It was a magical spot on a warm, candlelit night with the gentle sound of water fountains all around us and soft guitar music in the background.

The Carmen del Campillo
o de los Moriscos

A carmen is a garden. The Carmen de Campillo o de los Moriscos serves only wonderful teas and delicious desserts.

The former multi-roomed farmhouse has turned each room and garden into spots for people enjoy their surroundings.

 We loved the Moorish architecture

Beautiful lighting

"Allah is Great" 

 Moorish Mosaic

One of the gardens

More Rooms

We could have plopped down
right here in the kitchen . . .

. . . Or here if we desired

Ancient coffee pot and urn

The outdoor tent,
that was just the spot for us!

The tea and desserts only added
to a great evening of friendship

The Carmen del Campillo o de los Moriscos is located in an incredibly remote part of the Region of Murcia and, thus, you simply do not just stumble upon it.

We were fortunate that Roberto and Inma knew the road and invited us to join them for tea.

Murcia just gets a bit better every day.

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