Sunday, May 24, 2015

Decisions and a Wonderful Lunch

Saturday, 23 May, 2015:

The morning saw us begin our initial packing for the trip home to California. The first chore was to somehow decide what things to discard and what things to actually pack.

When a couple is a pair of pack rats like we are, these types of decisions are not easy to make.

At least we started . . .

Around noon we started a three mile walk from La Hacienda to the Barrio del Carmen for lunch with the Constante's.


Along the way we saw things of interest, as usual.

Propaganda Poster Boards
Election Day on Sunday

The news for the last five and a half months here in Spain has been full of the political turmoil that is at the heart of the country's generally depressed psyche.

Everything has been pointing to this Sunday's national elections as a ray of hope for positive change. We'll see.

 Solidarity is a good thing

There is no propaganda like
Commie propaganda

 Another Festival in Murcia

This one featured music and dance from all over the world trying to bring cultural understanding between all cultures and faiths.

The traditional three cultures in Murcia, and all of Spain for that matter, were Moorish, Jewish and Christian.

 They made soap here?

 Stores selling baby clothes are
suddenly really important to us

 He is everywhere

The Sardine was looking good today
 So was the Bridge of Dangers

Once we entered the Constante home, we were instantly overpowered by the tremendous aroma of . . .

Chicken Paella!!!

Another fun, three hour meal with this great family!

Rosa, Oscar
and Alberto

Young Alberto is actually going to spend the Summer with us in California. He is a good young man and it should make for an interesting two months.

Catalina Saavedra forwarded us a few more photos from Friday night's Cobras' team farewell dinner. Here they are.

 Rufete, Mariano, Casta and Mini-Q

Courier and Fernando

Kike, Amoros and Javito

 Oscar and Alberto

Bejarano and Kike

Roberto and Inma

Alberto, Jorge and Javi

Brady and Rocio


Copete, Jesus, Angel and Tomás

1-2-3 COBRAS!!!

Life continues to be
in Murcia!!!

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