Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Last Meal in Lyon and the Trip to a Beach in the South of France

Monday, 18 May, 2015:


We left Lyon this morning with a bit of sadness having to leave good friends and fond memories in our wake as we continued our journey to the Mediterraneran coast of France.

MERCI to the Damboise Family!!!

We are so grateful for their warm hospitality in welcoming us into their home in Écully the last few days.

Thank you for the great meals and all of the camaraderie!

One last meal with some dear Falcons

Julien Urgenti and Fast Freddie Bastiand invited us to lunch before we left at one of Lyon's outstanding bouchons.

We just had to say YES!!!

Restroom key on on bone

A bouchon is a restaurant that serves traditional, hearty peasant food. In this style, no part of the pig, duck, goose or cow is wasted.

It often times makes for food on a dare meals.

Thus, I had easily the best pig snout salad that I have ever had and believe me, I've had a few over the last few EuroBall campaigns.

Freddie with the delicious
andouille sausage

Laurie's Pate
My French Speciality

Laurie and Julien each had the pate with the quenelle which both enjoyed immensely.

As for me, I opted for a dish that does indeed have an official gastronomic name but most locals just call simply "Double Fat Fried."


With Laurie, Julien and Freddie

We shared a great two hour dining experience that we will not soon forget. Merci!

On the way to our car's underground parking lot we saw some things of interest.


The Opera House and the
Hotel de Ville

The guy on the left needs to be
the Falcons Goal Line FB in 2016

Heading South at last

Lyon's newest museum has
its own Black Hole

The Rhône River

Back in the French countryside

They grow grapes in
the South of France

Tree lined country road

We detoured off of the main toll road when we saw a sign declaring that a UNESCO World Heritage sight that we had never visited was nearby.

Laurie likes these mysterious looking
bushes that we see everywhere

At the site but this wall is not
THE site

The site does have two good
looking olive trees

Great shape to this one

So where exactly were we headed? Why to the . . .

Pont du Gard

The Romans built it over 2,000
years ago as an aqueduct

A river runs through it

It is really big

And interesting too

Kayaking under the Pont du Gard

We were happy that by driving our
rental car, we had the flexibility to
see the Pont du Gard

Nîmes and Avignon were
tempting destinations . . .

. . . but no, we were headed to this
beach in Le-Grau-de-Roi

A relaxing two night stay was called for with nothing to do but sit by the Med, weather permitting.

Next Circumnavigation Tour Stop: Still in Le-Grau-de-Roi, France for another night, but with a side trip to the walled Medieval city of Aigues-Mortes

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