Monday, May 11, 2015

A Low Key Day on the Circumnavigation Tour

Sunday, 10 May, 2015:


First and foremost . . .


Day VI of the Circumnavigation of the Iberian Peninsula entailed a leisurely drive from magical Lisbon to the small Portuguese Atlantic Ocean fishing village of Espinho.

We agreed that we both needed a relaxing, slow paced day after the frenetic two days in Lisbon, and Espinho sounded like the perfect remedy for what ailed us. 

Every day of any journey should start with a good breakfast, so we started the morning with a brisk five minute walk to a typical Portuguese café-bar.

We love these little cafés

This one is run by the nice man on the right who makes a great espresso. Here he is seen hand writing today's special menu to post outside his door.

Fully nourished, we were off for the drive North on Portugal's A-1 toll highway to Espinho.

But first we had to negotiate our Renault Scenic through the streets of the new parts of Lisbon. Traffic was Sunday morning light but was made a bit tougher to maneuver as streets were being blocked off for some sort of runner's race that was scheduled to start in a few hours.

Along the way, we saw some interesting buildings far from Lisbon's historic, tourist laden areas.

 New atop old

Graffiti Central

Pink witch hat

 Big face

Finally, we were on the A-1 heading North.

 Fátima was tempting

We decided that visiting Fátima on a sunny Sunday when tourists would be packing in by the busload was not the best way to relax. Thus we kept moving towards . . .

 Espinho, our beach city

Our inexpensive fourth floor, fully equipped, five room apartment was located only a few steps from the beach.

The view out our window

Overcast skies kept
the crowds down . . .

. . . so we sat down at a boardwalk
café for a quick snack to people watch

After a long sit to unwind, we strolled down Espinho's boardwalk as the Sun broke through the clouds.

Portuguese fishing boat

Espinho is a fishing village after all

The beachfront Fisherman's House

Fresh fish for sale on the boardwalk

Lots of customers

Locals hanging out on a Sunday

It was time to visit the local church.

St. Peter
Fisher of Men

Our Lady of Help

It looks like this drowning fisherman was glad to see her.

Espinho couple basking in the Sun

The fútbol estadio was closed

New tiles, old doors

All of the walking on the boardwalk had worked up our appetite.

Portuguese Soul Food?


This looked interesting

The wine was good

Then out came the tapas

Just as in similar Spanish cafés, the food was tasty, plentiful and inexpensive.

More walking was now needed.

Cherries sounded good
but no, obrigado

More locals were out now
that the Sun was fully in play

Sun Worshipers

The Sun setting in the Atlantic

A really good day today.

Circumnavigation of the Iberian Peninsula Day VII Destination: Santiago de Compostela

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Olivier R said...

I agree Fatima on a sunday 'd have been a little too much but on the same sign... Batalha! You have missed an incredible place George...; Next time!!