Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another Fun Beach Day/Sleepover in Alicante

Tuesday, 26 May, 2015:

After a couple of days of packing and unpacking, deciding and re-thinking what to bring home to Camarillo and what to leave in Murcia, we decided that we needed to take a break and enjoy España's splendor for a day or two.

The question was where?

There is a resort beach area nearby the is known as La Manga. Although close on a map, it is not easy to get there unless you have a car which we do not. It would entail us either using a bus/train/bus or a bus/bus combination of moves to get there from La Hacienda.

Roberto and Soto had both given us good tips on places to stay and they were both tempting but in the end we opted to go stress free to a place we had grown to love, Alicante.

There is a direct train from Murcia to Alicante that only takes about 75 minutes. We decided to stay the night once we found the well located Hotel Méndez Núñez via This hotel is located only three blocks from the Mediterranean Sea and is on the same block as our favorite tapas bar in Alicante, the Cerveceria Sento.

Throw in the cost at only 45 Euros for the night and it was a no brainer to spend the night.

 Traditional dress today?

We were completely in the dark as to why she was all spruced up today. We could not find any rhyme or reason for her get-up in Alicante on this warm May day.

Still, it was a gorgeous outfit.

 We were ready for some heavy
doses of sun, sand and surf

The ancient stairway up to
Castillo Santa Bárbara

A good day for people watching too

Intrepid sunglass salesmen

Having enjoyed all that Alicante's beach had to offer today, it was now time for sustenance!

 Tapas at the Cerveceria Sento . . .

A good spot for a café

A gelato would be the perfect ending
to another fun day in Alicante

They sell café here too

We did not take a second cup but decided to walk a bit along Alicante's harbor front to work of a tenth of a tapa at least.


Alicante is a seaport town after all

Finished the stroll on the
Explanada de España

We both love the Explanada's tile work and the Valencian "x" in its name.

A no hassle day in a city/beach that we have both fallen in love with meant a happy couple.

And we still had another day to go!

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