Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Start of Our Last Week in Murcia

Monday, 25 May, 2015:

A beautiful day in Murcia as we start our last week in the ciudad before taking the train on Saturday, heading north to Madrid, as we wind down our wonderful stay in España.

Exercise was the first thing on the agenda so I grabbed some DVDs and books that we had borrowed from La Biblioteca Regional de Murcia and started the long walk to return them.

As usual, I saw more new things along the way . . .

A Peña is a social group

If memory serves, flowered crosses
like this one were for Mothers Day
 La Biblioteca Regional de Murcia

The Biblioteca has been a god send for us with its good collection of English language books and DVDs. The weekly walk here has been well worth it.

Don't judge an 1887 church by its graffiti

Iglesia San Bartolomé
was nice inside
Good side altar . . .

. . . with a magnificent starburst

 The Cross of Santiago

 Iglesia San Bartolomé's main entry
was a bit nicer than its side entry

 La Fuensanta

 One of my favorite buildings
in Murcia's historic center

Colorful doorway

I'm MORE than OK with this!

El Jardin de las Tres Copas
near La Hacienda

 All that was left of dessert

After an afternoon of continued sifting through our belongings to decide what will and will not make the cut for the final boarding process to Los Angeles, we went out to dinner with Roberto and Inma.

We opted for the Don Gomez III & IV which is about 50 meters from both of our homes and features both splendid fish dishes and their always intriguing bartender/waiter, Paco.

Paco just kept bringing out the food for us and we just kept eating! Seemed like a fine arrangement to the four of us.

And the end of latest three hour meal, I tried to pay the with a credit card but Paco said that their card reader was not working. I offered to walk to the nearest ATM about a quarter of a mile away to get some cash but Paco would have none of it. He just said to pay him the next time we strolled by the Don Gomez III & IV.

I guess that we qualify for locals status.

Alberto's Decal Festooned Helmet

Alberto was our kicker, defensive tackle and sometimes offensive guard during the Cobras' 2015 campaign. He proudly posted this picture of his helmet on Facebook the other day.

Alberto led the team with 47 decals plus the four white ones that all players receive after a victory.

To break down his red decals given for individual excellence, he had eight Dying Cockroach blocks (#2 on the team), four QB Sacks (#1), 28 Big Plays (#1), four Special Teams Player-of-the-Week Awards and three Defensive Player-of-the-Week Awards.

Alberto had quite a season to say the least!

Reading Is FUNdamental

A fun read . . .

. . . a really fun if you spent two seasons coaching an American football team in Sicily! 

This was the fifth book in Camilleri's Inspector Montalbano mystery series that I have read and they have all been good, quick reads.

The fictional Inspector works out of a small, equally fictional city on the West side of the island of Sicily solving crimes while still enjoying the Sicilian culture and constantly digging into the Sicilian cuisine.

I like that in my heroes.

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