Monday, May 4, 2015

Some New Photos from last Saturday's Game

Monday, 4 May, 2015:

Francisco Nortes is a professional photographer who attended our game last saturday and posted these photos on Facebook today.


#68 Soto and #5 Brady in Hot Pursuit!

#95 Casta  closing in

#11 for the Black Demons is
Dezerick Reed

Dezerick is from Las Vegas and played his college ball at Ventura College and the University of Oregon. He turned his ankle about hallway through the game which left a big void in the Las Rozas offense.

Javi's defensive TD with Tomás
about celebrate with him

Angel showed a lot of courage
as usual in this game

The Black Demons need new jerseys

Mini-Q applying pressure on a punt

Yes, #57 is at running back

He was not fast but he held on to the ball and kept the clock running ion the Second Half.

Lots of post-game photo requests were made.

With Kiki

With Tanke

With Oscar, Rosa, Alberto
and Joaquin 

With Catalina and Laurie

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